Your huddled masses

As middle-class, middle-aged, suburban Caucasians, it is easy to get stuck in the same routine for work, play, and leisure. Drive in the same car everyday to work, shop at the same grocery and big box store, worship at the same location and hang out at the local coffee stand....more
Interesting post. I haven't thought about this before. I used to take buses before I can drive. ...more

Howard Zinn -- Political Activist, Teacher, Icon, Author of The People's History of the United States -- Dead at 88

Howard Zinn, progressive, radical, teacher, activist and historian, has died at age 88. Zinn is widely published but perhaps best known for his work A People's History of the United States. This book changed the way people viewed American history, unmasking the founding fathers as slaveholders and pointing to the post-occupation history of America as the history of groups rising up for change -- from early labor movements to sharecroppers' uprisings. ...more

I appreciate your kind words. You are right. He will be sorely missed.


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