Binge Shopping

I have never been crazy about shopping, basically because I can think of so many other fun things to do, but I must say after being bombarded with endless TV ads and on-line flash ads about Thanksgiving 10pm, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday sales. I think I will never go shopping again.Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to read Black Friday sales were up 7% over 2010, as reported in today’s USA. I also read about the women who used pepper spray on fellow shoppers for an Xbox. What makes a person hurt another for a toy?...more

When being a parent means being boring

Pregnant Occupy Seattle protester Jennifer M....more

Two Beef Tacos, Please -- Hold the Pepper Spray

Fox News seems to think that pepper spray is just a food product that burns the eyes, but the truth of this less-than-lethal weapon is a lot less benign. In this post, we examine just how hot pepper spray burns and what exposure really does to the human body. ...more
You can bet your ass if someone did this to a Tea Party rally, there would be a different tune. more

8 year old pepper sprayed for misconduct, and I don't disagree

The teachers of a Lakewood, Colorado 8 year old, Aiden Elliot, as well as the Colorado police who were on scene, are defending their decision to resort to pepper spray as a means to end a situation that had turned volatile....more

I agree that kids should not be hit at school to teach them a lesson. I do not agree with ...more

Dog Days

The other day, before I had The Bike, I walked to the mailbox at the end of the road. There are lots of neighbors with barking dogs, and most of them are in fenced yards. But one family has a habit of getting puppies at regular intervals, letting them run loose for several months, and then putting them on a chain for the duration of their lives. These people have two chained dogs now, on opposite ends of the yard, with tiny, flimsy shelters and no sign of food or water....more

Hmmm...have you checked state law for the state you live in?

Several states have regarding ...more

Where Safety is Always in Fashion   ...more

Send Your Child Safely to College

Fall is gradually getting closer and before you know it, your daughter or son will be headed back to college or going for the first time. ...more

Fiesta Puerto Rico Booth

Well we were hoping to take many pictures yesterday of the festival, but the weather did not cooperate. I managed to take a photo of our booth with Susan chowing down... and that was about it. The music and food was great, but not very many people showed up since they predicted a 70% chance of rain. And rained it did, more like pouring buckets throughout the day. ...more

Pepper Spray 101 for Self Defense

Pepper spray is the easiest self defense product to use that is available today. It just might also be the most popular weapon used by women and men around the world. Since it is so easy to use, there really are just a few simple things you might want to keep in mind when using pepper spray for crime prevention. ...more

Why should walkers, runners and hikers carry pepper spray?

Why not? Women and men should always carry self defense products if they are walking, running or hiking alone. ...more