Pepsi: Destroying Body Image One Can at a Time

I was in the car with my son the other day driving home from the library. As is typical there was only over played songs I had no interest in on the radio, so I flipped to the news (my husband has been trying to get me to listen to talk radio for years, and he is succeeding much to his great pleasure). The news anchor was going along with her report when she announced that Pepsi was changing the look of their diet can. The new can is tall and skinny to celebrate beautiful, confident women. Whoa! Wait a second. So the can has to be tall and skinny?...more

i do agree that beauty should nit be stereotyped as being skinny. smart new design, but not good ...more

12 Amazing Social Media Statistics

 By Alyse Speyer Social media is about conversation and always has been. Here are twelve jaw-dropping statistics that may help you plan your next social media campaign....more

Trash to Treasure, Garbage to Gold, Reclaiming Waste, Rebirthing the Old.

Headboards make great benches and bike furniture creates interesting conversations! The possibilities are endless. I would like to create ONE online marketplace where all furniture "flippers" could promote and sell their creations. This website will aim to divert unwanted furniture from the landfills, provide furniture to those who desperately need it, and teach you how to easily transform your decade-old file cabinet into useful (and colorful) planter for your garden. GARGAGE TO GOLD has been entered into the Pepsi Refresh Initiative and it needs your votes! 1....more

The Super Bowl Brand Now Imbued With a Lord Voldemort Quality: "The Game Which Must Not Be Named"

Once upon a time the Super Bowl was known as the well, The Super Bowl. Churches had Super Bowl Parties. Local advertisers had Super Bowl promotions. I had a Super Bowl baby. Well sort of. ...more

Who Will Be The Biggest Loser This New Year?

Obesity comes at a cost. Personally, it comes right out of the wallet to pay for a premium airline seat, extra gas in the tank, time off work, and medical expenses. Physically, obesity exacts payment from the body in many serious ways. According to U. S. Government statistics, two-thirds of Americans, age 20 and over are either obese or overweight. That's approximately 133.6 million people with a Body Mass Index greater than 25. Of these, practically one-third or 63.6 million are actually obese. ...more