A Work in Progress

Every morning, when I get home from driving William to school, I get out of my car, start, walking toward the house, and then stop and stand staring like an idiot at my garden.  My neighbors probably think I’m crazy (actually, they already have plenty of other reasons to think that)....more

Cone Flowers and Lilies

    Cone Flowers (Echinaceas) are fragrant and drought proof, and both bees and butterflies love them.  Cone flowers are among my favorite perennials and I have several different kinds....more

Four Favorite Cottage Garden Plants

See my Four Favorite Cottage Garden Plants at http://wipgarden.com ...more

A Late-Blooming Gardener

As a kid, I couldn’t fathom why my mom killed time on an activity so inexplicably dorky as gardening. During the spring and summer, I was far too busy with matters of great consequence, like final exams, prom dress shopping, basketball camp, and endless reruns of Gilligan’s Island. In college, I’d laugh and roll my eyes at the detailed play-by-play of blooming perennials in Mom’s weekly letters. Boooo-ring! I snickered, in that all-knowing teenagerly way, off to drill verb conjugations in Russian 102. I couldn’t imagine myself expending energy on anything so prosaic as toiling away in the soil. I imagined some vague future career for myself involving designer suits and exotic adventures far from sleepy Nashville, Tennessee....more

Something Old, Something New for Valentine's Day: Bleeding Hearts

Rhonda Fleming Hayes I hate to disappoint anyone. I was about to title this post with some of the quaintly descriptive names of Dicentra spectabilis, otherwise known by the tragically romantic moniker, "Old-Fashioned Bleeding Hearts". And then I remembered the unsavory search words that showed up in my referrals when I blogged about appreciating and harvesting rose hips. It seems there are some people who like Big Hips but aren't seeking out gardening advice. ...more

2010 Perennial Plant of the Year: Baptisia australis...The True Beauty of False Indigo (and how it reminded me of Stevie Nicks)

Rhonda Fleming Hayes I was toying with the idea of comparing the 2010 Perennial Plant of the Year to a chubby, pretty girl in the third row of a choir. And then I witnessed the Taylor Swift/Stevie Nicks duet on the Grammys last night....read more at The Garden Buzz...more

Alpine Strawberries: Perfect Fruit for Small Garden Spaces

Rhonda Fleming Hayes I was singing the praises of Alpine strawberries across the table at the Master Gardener luncheon, when I thought I might as well shout across the blog about them too. I think alpine strawberries are about as near to perfect as a plant can be. Gardeners looking to expand their edible landscapes and new kitchen gardeners should really have this red berry on their radar. Even my dog loves them! Read more about it on The Garden Buzz. ...more

Tall Perennials: Go Big for the Birds

Rhonda Fleming Hayes ...more

Creating a Beautiful Garden for FREE or on a NOMINAL Budget

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The Green Garden

I can hardly believe it is June. People have held up a banner that said, "If your garden doesn't look good in June it never will."  This always makes me laugh because your garden could look drop dead gorgeous in June and totally barren in December. A design rule to remember is that a perennial garden should be two-thirds evergreen. Yes, that is correct. It will never look barren in December, January and February. It will be pleasing to look at all 365 days of the year. ...more