Grandparents Want Gifts Too!! 20+ Ideas

The pressure is on.  Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your special list can be a worry.  Those that say "Oh don't buy me anything.  I have everything I need" can be over looked. Especially if they are older and less active.  I am a grandmother, retired, and I know how I feel about the gift giving thing...I like it a lot.  I like to give and I like to receive. I am of the opinions that most older people feel the same.  If they say they don't want to be remembered, they are probably lying! Here are 20+ good ideas.  ...more

The Perfect Gift

Oh! It is that time of year again! Time to start your Christmas shopping… Okay, if you are smart you will have already started your Christmas shopping.  Or if you are like me you will be fresh eyed and ready for Black Friday.  I am apart of that crazy group of people who wakes up at 6 am ready to peruse the mall for deals.   I’ve done it every year since 6th grade.  I will go in my sweats and glasses hunting down hot clothes and electronics.  But, this post is about finding the perfect gift for that perfect woman in your life. 1....more