On Julia's 100th Birthday: 6 Food Blogging Lessons I Learned From Her

Julia Child taught me everything I know about cooking. During college, in the early 1970s, while my friends cut classes to watch afternoon soaps, I inhaled every episode of The French Chef. I bought her cookbooks when I could find them at the used bookstore in town. I couldn't get enough of Julia, cooking teacher extraordinaire, who dropped, spilled, flung and goofed, but also infused new-to-us recipes and techniques with her special joie de vivre. ...more
Thank you for such a refreshing post about an inspiring woman! As a new blogger myself, I have ...more

Day 2: Soup Chick's White Bean Soup With Bacon, Feta, Thyme and Lemon

We're counting down to National Soup Swap Day with soup ideas every day for two weeks! Come back each day to see more soup -- or click here to find all the soups in the series. And sign up for the newsletter to get soup in your inbox! ...more

I really love thyme and bacon together! This is on my short list for soup swappage :)

aka ...more

Are Fennel and Anise the Same? or Different?

Inspiration + Information, it's the two-ingredient recipe (ahem) for a great food blog, the magical pairing that lifts the best food blogs to the top of our must-read, must-subscribe lists. For anyone looking for both inspiration and information, one terrific source is The Perfect Pantry, the beautifully written Rhode Island food blog that takes on pantry ingredients, one ingredient at a time. Take this week, when it author, Lydia Walshin, stopped me in my tracks asking the question if 'fennel' and 'anise' are one and the same. Ha! The answer surprised me, even a long time cook and a lover of both. ...more
Hello there, A friend requested a 1/2 cup of anise seeds. I found fennel seeds in my pantry and ...more

Join the Fun, Share the Fun: Drop In & Decorate, Cookies for Donation

After five years of hosting cookie-decorating parties at home, Lydia from the Rhode Island food blog The Perfect Pantry is now organizing cookie-decorating parties all over the country, the world even. And we're the bakers! and our family and friends are the decorators! But the home-baked and hand-decorated cookies aren't for our loved ones, they're for food pantries, women's shelters, senior centers, places right in our own communities where big cookie-smiles can spread cheer. ...more

I bought meringue powder and some 'extra large' cookie cutters yesterday, have yet to find the ...more