A Letter to my Children

When you couple being a mom with being a perfectionist, the outcome is often a genuine case of mom guilt.  At least that's true for me.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to do things the "right way" and yet, I scarcely know what that is.  The parenting world is crammed with conflicting information; so I gather up as much as I can, filter, synthesize, and try to come up with something that looks like a strategy.  I make all of these goals, and inevitably, I fail.  Often....more

Dealing with Difficult People: The Perfectionist


You’re Doing it Wrong: Doing it all because “you do it better”

As a relatively new cohabiter - my boyfriend and I moved in together late last year - I have vivid memories of those first few weeks, figuring out who does what and when and how. I’m a pretty tightly wound person, to say the least, and boy did I have ideas about what needs to be done and where things should go and why-is-that-so-dirty-did-you-fix-that-yet? ...more
M's first reaction: "I have one question...What is a baseboard?"more

Perfectionism, Laundry and Parenting

http://www.WhereParentsTalk.com ...more

Mom Confidence: Overcoming Perfectionism

During So You Think You Can Dance auditions, a 30-something mother of two young kids was asked why she was finally trying out for the show. She told the judges she has “mom confidence” now. She didn’t make it through to the Top 20, but her answer stuck with me because I get it....more
Nope. Screw it.more

Hi. I'm a Recovering Perfectionist.

Since it's Throwback Thursday in Facebookland and this May 2013 post fit tonight's topic perfectly: Does blogging bring out your best or worst self? I'm going to do a blog rewind and it's new to you, lol!...more
I really loved this post. I mentioned it in my blog ...more

Tips for taming test anxiety (because even gifted kids get anxious)

Even gifted kids get anxious. Contrary to popular belief, giftedness does not necessarily endow children with the confidence to sail through exams without a worry. Many gifted children, adolescents and college students suffer from disabling test anxiety that affects performance, achievement and self-esteem. Test anxiety pops up at the most inopportune times, and can be completely unexpected, an occasional nuisance, or a chronic obstacle....more

Gifted children and the overachievement fallacy

"All it takes to be gifted is hard work. Those gifted kids are such high achievers; that’s why they do so well in school. Their parents push them; that’s how they’ve gotten so far." Comments like these are pervasive, and overheard in schools, neighborhoods, and online discussions....more

5 Tips for Recovering From Perfectionism

As I headed to Albany, New York, last week to film a 90-minute public television special as well as six hours of additional DVD content that would be included as part of the PBS fundraising pledge package, I knew I was walking into a situation that was completely out of my comfort zone. I so wanted to feel like I was going to just nail it on that television set, that I would get it all perfectly right on my first try, that I would wow everyone with my professionalism and TV chops, that everyone would come to me later and say, “Lissa, you’re a natural!”...more
This reminded me of my first boss who really traumatized me! I was 21 and in my first job out of ...more