the Perfect Man

I was an addict. I was addicted to the way Woo made me feel. There was no room in my heart for another man and it was my own fault. I needed to really give the next guy I date a chance. I needed to cut back how much I talked to Woo; a few times a week, how often we texted; almost daily....more

I was never physically attracted to my ex husband

I finally admitted it.  I was never physically attracted to my ex husband.  I finally said it out loud to a girlfriend of mine recently, then to my counsellor, then to the same girlfriend because I had forgotten I had told her - at least I'm consistent in whom I trust with this kind of information!  I became attracted to my ex husband because of his charm, his wit, his sense of humour and his (I now realize fake) empathy towards us females.  When someone just seems to "get" you, it's amazing how attractive they become.  After the now infamous month of h...more