Office Chit-Chat: Is Your Perfume Too Powerful?

 Susan breezed into the break room one morning and someone hovering around the coffee pot asked, “What perfume are you wearing?” “Everyone asks me that,” Susan said. “I don’t know how they know I’m wearing it. I just put it on and forget it.”  And that’s the problem. The flowery scent arrives at the same time Susan does, but it hangs in the air long after. Others are caught in the whiff that lingers in the break room, the hallways, the elevator and the workspace. ...more

Perfume Pollution: When Hidden Allergens Attack

When you think of reducing air pollution most people think of billowing smoke stacks (important things for us to address as a nation), but rarely do we think of air pollution being apart of our morning routine. Cue: fragrance.  ...more
I have allergies to fragrances too, so I started making my own skin care products and selling ...more

Grandmother Meet Nikki. Nikki Meet Grandmother.

It is winter and normally I'm all "Blah, winter", but I've come to realize that winter is the only time I have any luck at doing one of my favorite activities: visiting my ninety-seven year old Grandmother....more

Feminine Style for Very Special Occasions

Forget the gender wars and embrace your best feature: femininity. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, get girled out -- because when you're all woman, your confidence soars and people will smell it a mile away. I'm dusting off my copy of The Bombshell Manual of Style for this one. Trust me, follow the author's advice and you'll have the wolves howling at the moon. ...more

Scent of a Woman

For as long as I can remember I have loved books. I used to make my parents read me the same stories over and over again until I had them memorized and then I would recite them verbatim, impressing their friends and my aunts and uncles by telling them I was reading. When I actually did learn to read you couldn't get my nose out of whatever book I was reading. My dad, an English teacher, would take my sister and I to the library often to ensure we always had a stack of books to pick from, especially during breaks from school....more

Philosophy "Falling in Love" Review

Hi girls!Looking for a new perfume or perhaps a present for a girly girl you know? You have to check out Philosophy's "Falling in Love"! I have been wearing this scent for years and can't tell you how much I love it!It smells like light, fluffy cotton candy and I get tons of compliments. The packaging is really precious and you can buy the perfume, lotion, body wash to compound the scent which really makes it last.It's funny how many compliments I have gotten on this perfume, especially in my car. No joke, apparently it made my car smell heavenly too lol...more

What's your opinion on Burberry Brit Sheer?

It was first on the scene in 2007, but Burberry Brit Sheet fragrance is still on the market now.  Check out my review at and let me know what you think of the fragrance yourself!!The Sheerness of Burberry Brit...more

Limited Edition Valentine's Day scent from L'Occitane: Cherry Princess

don't forget to visit for the latest product and fragrance scent reviews!I'll keep this one short and sweet because there isn't much time left to choose your scent before the love-infested holiday that is Valentine's Day....more

Latest Perfume Launch from Chanel - Jersey

I have obviously been watching too much Jersey Shore and been overly concerned about the horrible fact that Snooki (from Jersey Shore) is supposedly launching a fragrance.  This is my defense, anyway, as to why my eyeballs popped out of my head when I saw that Chanel's new addition to their Les Exclusifs fragrance collection was ... Jersey.  I thought, no ... no!  Chanel can't be associating itself with Jersey Shore ?!...more

A Trip to Neiman Marcus for Prada and Givenchy

To smell, that is....more