Brain Fog, Forgetfulness and Focus – Where Do They Come From and What Can I Do?

Let’s talk about brain fog. That is when you feel very foggy and fuzzy, and it’s hard to focus or concentrate. This symptom affects as many as 2/3 of perimenopausal and menopausal women. So what is the cause of brain fog? No one knows for sure, but it has something to do with the fact that the brain is no longer enjoying the reliable estrogen supply it had when our ovaries were doing their jobs properly. And brain function is worse when women are not sleeping well because they are experiencing symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats....more

I Love You Period

In honor of the best and easiest period I’ve had in forever (Goodbye, iron deficiency! Hello, perimenopause!), I’m reposting another blog entry from yesteryear. I eventually plan to get all my old entries up (somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty or so), and I’m thankful for the millionth time that I saved them all before the blog site disappeared (another story for another day).I Love You PeriodPosted by InternetGeek at February 10, 2006 05:08 PMSome things are just wrong....more

The Truth About Getting Pregnant Over 40

What to expect when you’re expecting when the miracle doesn’t happenThe age at which a woman becomes unable to conceive varies from person to person. We’re born with a finite number of eggs (about 200,000), and as the quantity diminishes every month, so too does the quality. They break down and start looking old, just like the soft skin around our eyes....more
GinaMcClendon Just FYI, I did find an IVF practice in the Boston area that had what I think is ...more

Stitch v/s The Crimson Tide

Warning: the following post is funny but it also contains TMI; read at your own risk. Ever since I hit my forties and encountered the funtimes that is perimenopause, my periods have been trying to kill me via exsanguination. I was always a gal who could bleed her some blood, but now it’s like the movie Carrie in my pants. It’s like Dexter lives in my uterus. It’s a nightmare, people. ...more
LMAO!!!!  Love it!!!  (I mean the laughter, not the pain).more

Am I Old Enough for THIS?

  Sometime  in the last year, my body started cosmic shift. I don't like it. Calories and pounds are packing on, the room gets hot for no apparent reason. I thought, I am not old enough for this nonsense. Then reality set in. Yeah, I probably am. Perimenopause. Moodiness, I think you understand. I was even freezing out the dog.     ...more

10 Misconceptions of Hormone Replacement Therapy

In the ten years I worked at Quality of Life Medicine in Northern California, I educated every patient about how Hormone Replacement Therapy  (HRT) works, what types of HRT was available, what the risks where for each type, what they could expect from the type of HRT they chose, and what their role was in successful hormone balancing.  HRT is not for everybody but it can be life changing for a lot of miserable women if done correctly.  Women don’t know they have a choice in HRT; some hormones are good, and others not so good.  In fact, most doctors don’t know there are H...more