So it's nearing the end

So I'm PMS-ing. Not the good kind - if there ever was any. Not the monthly kind that you know would come every month, or every other month depending on your cycle; not the one who will assure you that you can still bear children. Not that one. This is the permanent one. This year, I will turn 41. My mother hit her menopause by age 45, and so did her sisters. So unless I magically somehow found a man to impregnate me within the next year or so, I am 90% guaranteed to be (biological-) childless for the rest of my life. ...more

Vlog #2: Perimenopause 101 – a bit of talk with some lecture notes

Let me start my post with a great big thank you for the support and kind words you have given me following my first vlogging (a shout out to TruthsfromtheChaos for introducing me to the word!).   It was actually fun to do so I decided to give it another go.  I appreciated the tips that will help me improve my presence.   While I thought I appeared relaxed, my daughter advised me that she could tell I was a bit tense because of this thing I do with my upper lip.  She tried to demonstrate while we were Skyping, but kept laughing – as did I.   I will wor...more
 @FatCatHi and good question (no boa has been worn in the answering of this question, though I ...more

Is it Warm in Here?

I was talking to a group of friends recently and they were talking about how warm they get at night. Many thought it was the clothes they were wearing. Sorry to say this, but this is one of the first signs of the fun filled trip on the roller coaster known as: perimenopause....more
Ever since I gave up gluten, the night sweats have stopped. Just sayin'more

Perimenopause: Longing For The Red Tent

Here is the pain again… in all its spiral curves, dips and dives – plunging me into a dark unrecognizable place which has no identifying landmarks. Looking into the mirror, my waist seems to mimic my fuzzy brain, both going flaccid overnight. Just moments away from making peace with my body, out of nowhere a hormonal hell has stepped in, taken over, and apparently sideswiped the person who was once me. I am exhausted. Who does this body belong to? It couldn’t be mine. Do I really look this gray and achromatic?...more
I promise it will all be OK!  For most of us, you will be relieved to know, medication is not ...more