Move Over Midol?

New Drug May More Effectively Treat Cramps  Good news: There's a new drug in clinical trials designed to target dysmennorhea, a condition where the uterus contracts with increased frequency during menstruation, causing severe cramps, nausea, vomiting, sweating and dizziness--all that fun period stuff. Dysmennorhea is the top reason to blame for chicks in their 20s missing school and work...and here we thought it must be hangovers or sample sales....more

Should Women Skip Periods? To Bleed or Not To Bleed


Interesting blog entry. Thank you for posting that.more

The Art of Making Babies

Need more CHOCOLATE! :) Ovulation Time

WOW! TALK ABOUT A FEEDING FRENZY OF MY HORMONES!Yesterday i was just soooo flippen tired it was crazy. And it was morning! Then finally today i got a clue (DUH!) I was ovulating. See, I'm just learning my body all over again and it's functions and it's cycle. After having 4 babies one after the other i've 4gotten the routine and the system of my body. So, I've had my 4th baby in Jan. and now i'm on a mission to find me.  ...more

In Which the Diva Cup Drives Me to Want a Red Tent

Dear Choch, I'm just not that into you. ...more
Hilarious. But as other commenters noted, if they work for you? They are truly awesome. Changed ...more

Yoga for Menstruation

Yoga Poses for Relief During Your PeriodStomach cramps, mood swings, lethargy, pimples… They bring back memories of painful periods, right? Most women who suffer from difficult periods loathe “that” time of the month and often find themselves at their cantankerous worst during those dreaded days. If you find yourself in a similar predicament every month, you may find Yoga a source of great comfort and relief....more

Oh Boy....

What happens when a menstruating me is cronfronted with a gigantic tub of animal crackers?  Do I play it smart and pass them up or do I turn the tub up over my face and eat the whole container as my horrified child looks on? ...more

Mommy's Bloated and Bleeding. Get Excited!

I went on birth control pills when I was 14 years old to take the edge off body-wracking cramps that had me missing school at least one day a month.  I stayed on them (with the exception of that year I got pregnant) until I was 32, then decided I was tired of stuffing artificial hormones down my gullet on a daily basis.   The first month I was wary -- would the pelvic throbbing return? Would I become nauseous with pain again?  Would I have to hold my bloated abdomen to apply counter-pressure to my aching womb? Was it worth it?  Aunt Flo arrived the next month with her bevy of companions:  bloating, irritability, unexplained crying, salt cravings and cramps -- blood-soaked fairies of decades past, hyped up on natural hormones and ready to rock my body for days. ...more

Since having children, it seems, I am not allowed to go to the bathroom on my own.  So I have ...more

Ah the joys of womanhood...

There is a danger in the internet.  The way a person can travel from blog to blog, just surfing, seeing what catches the I have taken a step away from the political blogs...a day of rest in celebration and thanks.  Unfortunately that pause has led me in another blogs... ...more

A Reverie Inspired by Tampons

Here goes, breaking taboos again by talking about things we don’t talk about. First it was peeing in my pants, then it was underpants, and now, now it’s tampons. Why? Why is it that something that we women need for something that we “do” from our teens to our forties or fifties (give or take a decade) is such a forbidden topic? ...more