Unpacking What's In Your Tampon Box

Many consumers have gotten savvier about paying attention to the food and beauty products they toss into their grocery carts each week....more

Celebrating My Inner Diva

You would never know it to look at me. You might think there's a certain "type", but you would be wrong. I mean, I have never milked an almond, a Birkenstock has never come near my foot, and I've failed multiple times at being a vegan because: lobster and cake. I am not a crunchy granola kind of gal (not that there's anything wrong with that), so it was a surprise to me that my most hippy-ish friend blanched when I told her that I love my inner Diva. Cup that is. Yes, I am a Diva Cup convert. ...more

Bloody Hell!


The Lunette Menstrual Cup Will Change Your Life

Yes, this post is about periods.  Anyone who feels they can't get over that should really just leave.  Here, read this post instead.  It involves donuts and Ted Nugent and zero blood, except maybe deer blood, because Ted Nugent is made of deer-hating dickcheese. ...more

My 2014 Book of the Year is Girl to Girl: Honest Talk About Growing Up and Your Changing Body

Granted that we are not even two weeks into the beginning of 2014, but I know without a doubt this book will remain my favorite of the year – at least in the women’s health category.Why is Girl to Girl my favorite book??...more
HomeRearedChef elaineR.N. You will be able to soon!more

I'm sorry... You'll never be able to get pregnant."

No one has ever said that to me. Ever. And if they had, I'm not sure how I would handle it... In the movies there's always a dramatic scene where the doctor is behind his desk and the husband and wife are on the other side holding hands when the doctor brings to life that couple's biggest fear... ...more
i know some cases where such words "you will NEVER be able etc..." have been said to the ...more

Periods, Puberty and Products - Always!

As anyone who has ever read my bio knows, I am a registered nurse, a women’s health expert and am part of the beinggirl.com’s expert team.  As a member of the expert team, I personally respond to hundreds of questions and concerns a month from teens, young adults and some women about their menstrual and reproductive health.  ...more
@Laine Griffin Hi Laine and thanks!  Would love to know what you think!more

The Painters are in...


Talking to Your Daughter About Periods and Puberty

 An encouragement to start talking to your soon to be teen - regularly!...more
 @JourneyofLife Good for you!!  Now, you are the lucky mom who will have a daughter talk to her ...more