Will a Blog Carnival Increase My Blog Traffic?

As bloggers we like to know that people are reading what we write and that we're connecting on some level with our audience. The more people that come to our site, the happier we are. Maybe you're happy simply because people are coming or maybe you're happy because more traffic means more revenue (especially if you're in an ad network or selling a product.) Either way, what if you could host a party that increased your traffic, but also gave back to your community? You can. And that party is called a blog carnival. ...more

I just did my first blog carnival - a challenge to make a paper craft project using an ...more

5 Blogging Etiquette Tips

I was recently interviewed about blogging etiquette and it helped me realize that etiquette is something that seasoned bloggers sometimes take for granted, but that many beginners are just discovering. When you first start blogging there is a trial and error period where you are just trying to figure out what's accepted and what isn't in the blogosphere community. Those bloggers who've been at this a while tend to evolve seamlessly without thinking about how things change daily--they go with the flow. So what I'd like to do this week is discuss five etiquette rules (if there really are any rules in blogging) that beginners can use. ...more

 I think you summed it up pretty well in the article: it pretty much comes down to whether ...more