My Life (Reality) as I have known it!

I'm starting here in my middle 50's and have see the world change so much.  I use to spend time with the "old people" when I was younger and the stories that I heard, as well as the things that I learned about living life and the strength of perserverence. Throughout my 20, 30 & 40, these lessons I was able to put together and overcome obstacles that others tell me would have put them on the floor not to ever get up again,...more

Uphill Both Ways

I'm a walker - I love walking,enough so that when I moved to the mountains of Arizona, I sold my car.  Fortunately, I live within blocks of Prescott's lovely Downtown area and a grocery store and Walgreen's so life is easy. What's NOT so easy is my walk  home as it is partially uphill on a pretty good grade. (This blog's title comes from the odd but true fact that leaving my home, I must walk uphill a half block to get to the downhill portion)....more

Yes, you can.

We hate the word “can’t” in our house.Any time we hear it coming from our boys, my husband and I tell them that it’s not that they “can’t” do something, they just might need a little help with it. They can do anything....more

Perseverance is a Beautiful Quality

Perseverance Defined as steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement. My first encounter with organized scholastic sports came as I entered my sophomore year in high school. Trying out for the junior varsity basketball team taught me a life lesson.  I learned at that young impressionable age that the emerging athlete inside me would have struggles, both physically and mentally....more

For your kind words!

It has taken years for me to embrace as well, but it seems I had a good ...more

My First Triathlon

As of a couple minutes after 10am today, I am officially a triathlete. (Let me say here, that the excuses that are about to follow are not really excuses as much as they are supplemental reasons. I know I'm not amazing. Both Lin and Laura: good. They can aim to win. I know that I'm not as fast, even if I train equally hard. Or, at least, equally often. I'm not saying I would have won if it weren't for ____. I'm just saying, I would have finished a little faster, had it not been for______. That said, let's get on with the post!) ...more

Mommy burnout in a post-Katrina world

I was supposed to be at the BlogHer conference in Chicago this week. Had I been able to attend it would have been the first vacation I've had in three and a half years, but I'm not at BlogHer, and I can't even help promote it, and I've turned off the guilt machine in my head because if I listened to its dogma, you all would have to order a straight jacket for me. ...more

Nordette, I don't know you at all aside from the posts I've read about your move, but even from ...more