What's a Little Turbulence

I quickly realized I'd fastened my seat belt a little too tightly. I pushed up my sleeves and wrestled to loosen the strap. Man, it was hot in there....more

So, why the typewriters?

If you've taken a look at my blog's layout, you might have noticed that I have a bit of a "thing" for vintage typewriters (as an aside, I suppose it's valid to say that all typewriters are vintage, right?!). So, why the typewriters? ...more

Is It Worth It?

We couldn’t pass it up. When would we get this chance again? It was perfect.Almost.Free from the demands of the conference, the rest of the day was all ours. I couldn’t get out of the hotel quickly enough. Ahh…the extensive beauty of San Francisco. A haven of artistry. Tantalizing possibilities. One afternoon. How would we spend it?Doing what any other two east coast tourists would do, of course. Go on a camera-ready, completely insane escapade to see the sights. Starting with the “it sounded plausible at the time” idea to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Mm hmm....more

You're Going To Be OK

I don’t know if I totally agree with this prompt title.  It’s part of Holley Gerth‘s Coffee For Your Heart, though, so I’m supposed to be encouraging.  I’ve seen a lot of people who’ve battled many many things.  Hard things.  Things they never thought they’d be ok at the end of… and things that changed their lives forever....more

Always Be Cookin' -- A Few Thoughts On An Inspirational Quote

"Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For the first couple years you make stuff, it’s just not that good. It’s trying to be good, it has potential, but it’s not....more

Yoga Life Lesson: How To Push Yourself Just Enough

Recently, I was struggling through an intermediate level yoga class. We were working on some insane pose – flying pigeon, perhaps – and the instructor told us to find the place in between pushing really hard – like working really hard for it and trying to be a tough customer – and the place of sinking into the pose and sort of surrendering to it. I think she said a word to describe what this place is, but I can’t remember it. Nevertheless, the idea that there was such a place and that one might choose to rest in it, breathe into it without ferocious effort or sitting back on one’s laurels, that was a revelation. ...more
@Laine Griffin You're welcome! I need to practice, too.  It's changed the way I go through my ...more

Gentle Persistence

Have you noticed that nagging, whining, complaining, sternly directing, yelling, criticizing and freaking out don’t seem to get you what you want from a partner, family member, friend, colleague or child? In a previous article, "Asking for What You Want," I explained how to ask cleanly and directly for what you want, and that being direct has a better success rate. While that’s true, it isn’t infallible. Sometimes, it’s necessary to use a technique I call "gentle persistence." ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” You Have the Power 6-22-12

Getting big positive vibes speculating with taking new partners in business and/or in romance, ideas, and finances.You’re at the gate, prepare yourself for change, and entertain entirely new possibilities in concepts and negotiations.Using your intuition and having the courage to take/make forward moves is rewarded.Opposing Energies: Greed, delays, risk, indiscretion, poor communications, and betrayal.You’re taking creativity to a new high by expanding into new philosophies, hopingto unlock your future....more

In Regard to the Rebound

When I was growing up, almost every house in Baby Boom suburbia, had some sort of basketball hoop mounted above the garage making the driveway the perfect place to be in the “key” for a game of HORSE, to practice free throw shots, or to see if you could hear the swoosh of the net.  As an adult, I stand 5’3” give or take a little bit, and as a kid, I was even more petite.  Still, my size disadvantage made me even more determined.  As long as the basketball held air and we could figure out how to use the air pump with the needle attachment and we hadn’t lost the needle, we had ...more

A Is for Attitude

Some of us have been discussing what it takes to make us actually WRITE—a time limit? a set day? a “frame” or pre-set form to fill in with words? And that we accomplish this best when some agreed-on guidelines (at least with ourselves) prod us to just DO IT!So I have decided to try the scheme of an “alphabetarium”: a series of blogs based on consecutive letters of the alphabet!...more
 @feelingbeachie I search different sources for synonyms and definitions that fit the slant I ...more