One Morning I Woke Up Invisible

 One Morning I Woke Up Invisible “Old age ain’t for sissies”Bette Davis When I first read Bette Davis’ immortal quote, I burst out laughing. “What a great line!” I thought. “I wish I had written it.” ...more
Thank you, all of you, for your comments. I am overwhelmed.  And it's so nice to know others ...more

Today, Run because you can...

During your run today, be thankful for having the ability to do what you love, take the time to enjoy the landscape that God has created around you, and take a moment to remember those who may not be able to experience those things today. Remember that each day is a gift, cherish your family and hold them close, embrace the beauty that surrounds you, set your goals high, and treat your body well. Unite as runners today and be there to help others persevere through the obstacles that may lie before them. ...more

Rejection Collection, What's Your Objection?

I visualize a world in the future where our technological existence is collected in museums with anthropologists and archeologists debating over the purpose of sushi shaped USB drives. I see them stroking their beards as they watch YouTube deciding that, based on the number of videos we posted and watched, our society must have been ruled by cats. ...more
 @loveandotherdelights Exactly! I've read some of those books and have wondered, "What the hell ...more


Did you ever have a lemonade stand when you were little? I never did at home because we lived on an acreage and there isn't a lot of traffic on country blacktop roads. And the traffic that did go by were farmers who didn't believe in speed limits... so a folding table at the end of our driveway wouldn't have been the safest place for a kid. ...more