Salad-e Shirazi: Persian Tomato + Cucumber Salad

Salad-e Shirazi: Persian Tomato + Cucumber SaladSummertime is still here in the Netherlands, and with it we’ve acquired a hibachi grill. This is the best thing we’ve ever owned. But this post is not about the delicious things the Englishman has grilled on our €20 toy, but rather the  salad that goes so wonderfully with everything, Salad-e Shirazi. ...more

Persian Beef Khoresh with Tart Peaches

This recipe is dead simple and had every single member of my family basically licking their plates. My children were actively angry when there was not enough for seconds on the second day. I cannot think of a better way to welcome in autumn than this recipe!Keep reading for Persian Beef Khoresh with Tart Peaches. Muffins are for people who don't have the 'nads to order cake for breakfast. --Seth, "Kitchen Confidential" (the show, not the book)...more