Comparing cancer to an extreme sport

I have two crazy friends—well, I actually have more than two, but these particular two are married to each other—who decided to run a first-ever marathon (Jim) and take on Pole Pedal Paddle alone (Michelle) as a way of celebrating milestone birthdays this year. Michelle, on the fifth leg of her race, pumped by her support team on the bridge ...more

On the path to a goal

Pursuit: tackling with enthusiasm the gradual, uphill climb clear of vision, destination, desires energy expended bringing joyful successes earning, receiving, deserving Plateau: taking shortcuts through the same old, same old clouded with fear, risk-aversion, hesitation to commit limited effort producing mediocre results slacking, lacking, disappointing Possibilities: rekindling the fire of inspiration and energy confident in hope, purpose, willingness to strive renewed dedication begetting celebrated triumphs ...more

Persistence is Key

I'm a writer in Antigua. I did a local radio show this week and the lone caller came with a trio of questions one of which was my advice to other writers. I think I said something about reading a lot, writing a lot, and persistence. There're more profound things I could have said perhaps - like living, because life is the substance of literature. But looking back, what I said is a fair sum up of my journey....more

Live the Scripture and Preach the Word in Season and Out of Season

2 Timothy 3:14-4:2; Lk. 18:1-8Tonight as I moved through the alleys there were people of all colors sleeping, and trying to sleep, young and old; I thought of the Timothy's text: I preach the Word in season and out of season; I feed, Iisten, I care--whether I feel like it or not; and it is often their persistence that forces me to when I really would rather just not talk--but that is my call and I am thankful each day to have another day to preach the Word, whether it is in season or out of season;  Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God! ...more

Gentle Persistence

Have you noticed that nagging, whining, complaining, sternly directing, yelling, criticizing and freaking out don’t seem to get you what you want from a partner, family member, friend, colleague or child? In a previous article, "Asking for What You Want," I explained how to ask cleanly and directly for what you want, and that being direct has a better success rate. While that’s true, it isn’t infallible. Sometimes, it’s necessary to use a technique I call "gentle persistence." ...more

Timed Tests or Puzzle Solving

How many times do we have to take timed tests in school?  Most tests are timed.  Consequently, it has been reinforced in most of us that we are in a hurry.  In a society with deadlines, this makes sense.  However, I’ve noticed when doing puzzles, this was my overriding concern.  Hurry up!  Finish!  Go faster! <...more

Excerpt from Chapter Six

As you know if you’ve been following my blog –I haven’t been blogging lately since I took up my new book project. Consequently, this week I decided to share a chapter from my published book, Darkness Overturned. From Chapter Six:...more

A Food Chain of Teachers

For days on end a little titmouse has flown against the vaulted window in our front room. Starting at daybreak and returning again and again until nightfall, it seems to want entrance or passage –persistently undaunted by the fact that neither is obtainable. Trying to see from its point of view, we removed an eye-level reproduction of a little red cardinal perched in a silk plant on top a bookcase. It made no difference whatsoever. Bonk, bonk, bonk, its little beak repeatedly sounds its single-minded, albeit questionable, undertaking. It’s getting a little on my nerves....more

The Reluctant Writer Learns About Story And Persistence; Again...

 Okay, suffice it to say how I've been knowing I had to do this thing since last night and have been dreading doing it. I suppose It has to do with my stubborn resolve to resist my muse, but as usual, this nagging need to write overtakes any reluctance on my part, so I cave to the mighty muse from having been incited by what I've learned from last night and watching television. Yep, the boob tube. It all went down like this: I'm bored after writing on my blogs and entertaining visiting family who have since vacated the premises....more

Motherly Advice

I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all parents and kids are not created equally, but are wholly individual in personality and style. Regardless of these differences, the basic needs of love, patience and support remain constant....more