Social Media Has Blurred the Lines Between Personal and Professional

It is no secret that I have been essentially unable to keep up with both a personal and professional blog. I just don't feel like I have a lot to say on The Laine List. My readers are losing interest, because I am too....more
@JulieJordanScott Thank you for your comment Julie! I believe that it is true, we are ourselves ...more

The joy of personal blogging

I thoroughly enjoyed Celeste's post Small Blogs: The Art of the Personal Journal. It reminded me of why I started blogging way back in 1999....more

Small Blogs: The Art of the Personal Journal

I love to read different people's personal blogs (as evidenced by the 239 feeds in my "Personal Blogs" folder in Google Reader), and I think that the proliferation of electronic journaling is going to be a bonanza for future historians. I'm always fascinated by glimpses of other people's lives -- particularly from earlier generations -- and I'm obviously not the only one. ...more
I recently got rid of my journals. It broke my heart but I came to realize that it was a part of ...more

BlogHer '10 Speaker Spotlight, July 6, 2010: Does Personal Blogging Hurt Your Professional Brand?

If you've ever blogged about your life on your professional blog, then you've blended the personal with the professional (regardless of whether you write anonymously). Of course, that may not be a negative thing, depending on who you're talking to ... and this summer, BlogHer is talking about it! Join us for a session we're calling "Authenticity or just TMI? When Does Blogging the Personal on Your Professional Blog Hurt Your Brand?" ...more

I have several blogs- some are geared to moms and there I share more personal stories of life. ...more

Cable Car Confessions #5: The Pick Up Artist

Cable Car Confessions #5: The Pick Up Artist ...more

Here is a little about us....

Since this is my first posting I figured I would write about who we are and what we stand for. I write on the net and maintain our website and blogs. Why do we do this? You guessed it "We" are a team effort. Because we believe in helping others, that want to change their lives for the better. We also are firm believers in the Young Living Essential Oils we share. They do as they say they will and we use them everyday. What kind of people market a product and do not use what they sell? ...more

Personal Blogging|Blogging for the love of it

Lorelle at Wordpress published a series of posts recently on Personal Blogging, by guest blogger Edrei Zahari. ...more