Personal Democracy Forum 2011: Women Out in Front

Being at a tech conference that was 50% women speakers felt different. When the women get up on stage and talk about concepts I don’t understand, I know things are shifting. At Personal Democracy Forum 2011 (PDF) in New York City the ratio of female to male speakers was 47% to 53%. PDF is a forum where activists, intellectuals and policymakers from all over the world gather to explore the digital age’s impact on governance and society. ...more

Woot! and Hear! Hear! I cannot understand why everyone isn't commenting. Such an essential ...more

Questions for Candidates? We'll Get the Answers.

BlogHer is undertaking an exciting effort again this year to bring campaign news and information to our community, including from the candidates themselves. We're proud to announce our partnership with 10Questions for the election, a great program put together by our friends at the Personal Democracy Forum and funded by the Knight Foundation. 10Questions brings your questions to the candidates, and provides a simple interface to get the answers. ...more

Great ideas. It's too easy to tune out the noise of politics. If we stand up and take part the ...more

Crony Capitalism, Tribalism and the Cycle of Decay: Can the Internet Fix Politics?

Not to be overly melodramatic, but at the moment, it’s becoming more and more apparent that corporate America and political elites of both parties are locked in an embrace that threatens to scuttle the world economy, the environment and our system of representative democracy. ...more

One thing that concerns me ...more

Intersection of Technology & Politics: Personal Democracy Forum 2009 round-up

What's at the intersection of politics and technology? More than a thousand people at 60th and Broadway on June 29 and 30th, aka Personal Democracy Forum 2009. ...more