When to Quit

The year 2009 was so tumultuous for everyone, can we please just sleep through 2010? Please, Financial Fairy, can we take a little nap? Go through the next one with our eyes closed? Okay, probably not. But there may be ways to rest without sleeping at the wheel. Operative word: rest. Go ahead. You worked hard in 2009. For a short time, take the opportunity to rest on your accomplishments. Are you alive? Keeping a bank account? Feeding the family? Yourself? Kudos. ...more

Personal Finance From Scratch

In the past few months, I've been cooking more - much more - at home and baking from scratch. Aside from the savings I've gained by making my own meals, cooking at home is better for you because you have more control over the ingredients (although when it comes to cupcakes... that conclusion might not hold. Butter is butter, right?). ...more

An excellent analogy.  And, I find, the more you get your hands dirty (learning more ...more

Home Buyer Tax Credit Law Revised

Yesterday the Senate revised the Home Buyer's Tax Credit Law to extend the $8000 tax credit for first time buyers until the end of April 2010, with a closing by the end of June. They also raised the income limit to $125m per individual and $250m per couple. Additionally, they added a tax credit of up to $6500 for current home owners who have been in their house for at least 5 years, but want to buy a different home....more

Beware of "Credit Repair"

I was a credit counselor for a nonprofit credit counseling agency and heard about credit card "debt repair" solutions my clients had chosen that ended up being nightmares. It is not possible to "eliminate" or "cut by 50%" your debt, which was mostly credit card and medical debt in my clients' cases, and have no consequences....more

Millionaire Women Next Door Parents


Confessions of a Spring-a-holic

So I got my check from Blogher yesterday -- $29.28 for three months worth of ads, which makes it all worthwhile when those pop-up ones come up and bug the heck out of you, isn't it? (I'm so sorry. I forgot to sign in and go do the thing that nixes those kinds of ads...) Anyway, with all that money to spend, I felt a trip to the nursery was finally justified, so I went to Stanley's Greenhouses and spent $149.47. ...more

How Kids and Money Can Mix

Kids and Money ...more

Too Much Month Left At The End Of The Money~Case Study II

...it's a week until payday and I'm overdrawn. I can't believe it happened again! I don't know where all my money went. Can you help me? ...more

Bless ya for saying so Denise! Since I've been teaching personal finance classes, ...more

How to stand out in a crowd of 6 million

With more than 6 million people in the world, everyone is looking for a way to stand out. One of the easiest ways to stand out is to create your unique competitive advantage. And the best way to find and build your advantage is to create your personal brand. Beginning this process can sometimes be overwhelming. So, as complex individuals with multiple passions and aspects to our lives, where do you start? ...more