Winning the Financial Literacy Game

Cathy Leigh - Finance Focus For Females ...more

Spring Ahead With These Savvy Money Habits

Spring is a time for renewal and for making a fresh start. In many parts of North America, the trees are starting to bud, tulips are breaking through the thawing ground, and our mood has shifted. We are feeling more energized and positive about our future and what's next. The warmer weather makes us more optimistic and this puts us in a good mood. Often, being in a good mood is a precursor to spending money. Many of us will feel the urge to splurge and to go shopping to update our look, refresh our wardrobe or modernize our homes. It's exhilarating. ...more

Our First Home Buying Story

How To Live A Joyful Existence

Over the past few years, I have had my feet on the streets talking to people about their lives and how to engage in better conversations about money. Is it money first, life second or life first and money second? Many people have told me that they are overwhelmed by the amount of information, choice and advice on personal finance. ...more

I Was the $500-A-Month Kid. What Were You?

So much of our self worth is tied to how much money we had or didn’t have growing up or make or what we do for a living.  Our culture celebrates success through traditional measurements or markers such as money and power. Many powerful people are trying to change the conversation; to define success in broader terms that goes well beyond money....more

How Long Should You Keep Documents?

As the New Year has just started and tax failing day is not far off either, now is the right time to go over your documents again. But how long should you really keep documents, and which ones should be shredded?I am a big believer in organizing everything, especially when it comes to my finances and home. Obligations such as mortgage or rent, utilities, student and other loans, credit cards, retirement funds, car and other insurances, investments and other payments – all of them come with lots of documents. Most people find it quite overwhelming. Can you relate?...more

Why Rent to Own is a Trap

Are you financially savvy?

During last year’s Women’s History Month, I found an article by one of my favorite financial experts Lynnette Khalfani Cox (  The article was inspired by last year’s WHM themes, Women’s Education and Women’s Empowerment.  The information is definitely still relevant and useful.  Do you feel like you’re financially savvy?  Well according to Lynnette Khalfani Cox, there are six ways to know for sure. ...more