Honor Your Personal History

We all know about the public milestones:The weddings,the birth dates,the bar mitzvahs and the first kisses.But think for a moment about the private anniversaries of your heart:...more

Why I became an Atheist. Part2

The next part of my decision, to become an Atheist, isn't easy to put into words. It was a slow process. My daughter has a degree in anthropoogy and religion. She and I talked many times about other choices for me. She was aware that my thoughts towards Christainity had become quite hostile.  With her guidance, I continued my search. There had to be something for me to believe in. ...more

Why I became an Atheist. Part 1

First a little history. I grew up in a typical mid-western family-dad, mom and 2 sisters. My mother's family are Baptist. My mom, sisters and I attended sunday school every week but didn't stay for church services. My father was not a Baptist, he wanted his family home on Sundays. Even as a child I never felt comfortable in religious settings. Was it because I was looked down on for my father being a sinner or because at a young age I already knew better? ...more


No you haven't missed Part 2.  I'm planning to publish it early next ...more

Finding Women Voices in the Depression/Recession – Part Two

It is Women’s History Month. One thing that is absent from the financial discussions of the past is how did women cope? I think of that time with images of flappers dancing, bread lines and hundreds of men on Wall Street looking solemn. Yet there were women in America in 1929. They are invisible on a surface level but our great-grandmothers and grandmother do have information for their children’s children. How Did Folks Know What Was Happening? ...more

They grew up without electricity or running water and made sure my brother and I had that ...more

When You Are Real, You Don't Mind Being Hurt

I used to throw him up in the air, making him smack on the cottage cheese ceiling hard enough that a fine dusk would sprinkle down. I thought that he was real, and that if I jarred him enough, he would stop the charade and his glass eyes would come to life, his little nose would moisten and suck in a breath, and his furry little body would warm with the blood that I was convinced flowed through him. I was always disappointed when it didn't work. ...more

reconstructing granny

It starts drizzling on my walk to work this morning. A little girl who is afraid of the rain begins to cry. Her mother puts a jacket over her head. The girl laughs, as she should. Rain is inevitable. An old woman who is afraid of death begins to cry when the discomfort worsens. Does her body know she is dying, before her mind does? Before her heart? She keeps insisting she wants to die. She has dog-eared a book about Jack Kevorkian; has memorized it. You’d support me, right? she asks her granddaughter, showing her the book. Sure, granny, go for it, the granddaughter laughs. ...more

Hello! I'm just learning my way around this place. I'm only few years behind in the technology. ...more

How My Adoption Changed Me as a Mom

When I was two days old, I was adopted. My mother (the woman who adopted me) had suffered an ectopic pregnancy which had rendered her infertile. My parents raised me to the best of their abilities and though I didn’t have what anyone would call an “easy” childhood, I know that I am fortunate to have been “chosen” by my parents. Even though I know that they did the best that they could, I always felt that something was missing; I had a “hole” that no one could fill. ...more ...more