Nostalgic Tailspin

Graduation Flashback: Then and Now

Graduation Flashback: Then and Now As I watched the students march in procession, I thought back to my undergrad college graduation from the University of Illinois in Urbana....more

My Secret Valentine

My Secret Valentine ...more

Homes: The Way They Were

There’s a scene in the movie, The Way We Were, where two men are sharing “best of” memories. Inspired by that scene, I am remembering the many homes of my life and their “best of” moments.Though I have lived in many places, not all of them felt like home. The ones that I think of as home were those where I felt connected to my surroundings....more

The Healing Power of Memoir

I stood before the strangers in the audience feeling shaky but prepared to take the risk to read aloud a very private, emotional story from my life.  ...more

New Year Resolutions...There's a better way


My friend, Joann

Once upon a time, when I was just a little girl about three years old, I had a friend whose name was Joann. She was my best, best friend in the whole wide world. We did everything together. We fed the chickens, petted the dog, went swimming, and rode in the car. We ate lunch together, took naps together and well, we did just about everything that two little girls do in the country! Joann always sat by me at the dinner table. She sat with me in the back seat of the car. She even went to the bathroom the same time I did! She was my best friend. ...more

I had a "friend" too, her name was Tracy. My parents were usually very patient with ...more