Compulsive liar? How I tell lies when strangers ask me personal questions, being religious and lying

I have a big need for personal space which can sometimes lead to compulsive lying, if people ask questions about myself that I dont want to answer. I am also religious and lying is something I dont want to do. Here is my story on how I try to fix this problem. - build your life, build the world!

The Sanctity of Personal Bubbles

Originally posted on ChapterTK.comLast week, The Howling Fantogs detailed his uncomfortable account of a man invading his bubble in the locker room. We all have bubbles which indicate the physical distance we require between ourselves and strangers in order to remain comfortable. The inside of this bubble is usually reserved for friends, family and partners....more

Six Degrees of Separation: How Close Is Too Close?

I stand in the fluorescent-lit hallway, waiting my turn at the window to pick up two units of blood from the blood bank. Ahead of me, a woman whose hair is swallowed up by a paper bouffant cap wears blue scrubs and hot pink Crocs on her feet. I assume she's from OR, because of her garb. The blood bank is located in a staff only access area, and the hallway is narrow. Loitering, I feel the same awkwardness I feel standing on a sidewalk while waiting my turn at an ATM. What's the socially acceptable separation between the person I'm waiting behind and myself?...more

The scrappy woman

The scrappy woman ATTRACTION PRINCIPLE #20:  The mere fact that the bitch can throw a little weight around or put him in his place once in a while gives him the impression she doesn't need to be with him.  She can stand on her own two feet.  So, instead of feeling as if he's lost his freedom, he feels as though he's gained a strong woman. ...more

The Desk.

The Desk. It's been more than a month since my last post. Did you think I left for the weekend—and just didn't return? We all know how crazy December is....more

And I thought that we had a lot of stuff on our kitchen table. We have nothing on your desk! ...more

Float Like a Butterfly

The scene: Alex is in desperate need of a nap. We lay in bed to feed him. His eyes are opening and closing in a drowsy manner.Enter bed left: Daddy.Daddy: "Oh, are you going to sleep buddy? Why don't we all take a nap together?"Daddy lays down and proceeds to snuggle with the babe. He tries to put his arm around Alex's stomach.Smack!Alex blocks this attempt at snuggling. Daddy tries a different angle. Smack! And another angle....Smack! The boy continues to block off any unwanted snuggling....more

Redecorate & Reclaim The Master Bedroom ASAP After Divorce

Redecorate and Reclaim The Master Bedroom ASAP After Divorce ...more

How Bodies Assert Space in the Public Domain

While I believe that women's bodies are generally regarded by society as public domain, how we assert our bodies in the public domain is a very different story. If our bodies are generally considered accessible for observation (and often times touching), then it makes sense that women would internalize a message that space is not ours to control. I came up with this theory while riding the subway in New York City. ...more

I don't really think of this as a weight-related issue, though. If someone is larger, he or she ...more