The gift of free time

I am always struck, every time I spend any time in the company of school kids, by how little initiative any of them have. And I'm talking good kids here. Middle class, socio-economically speaking (though some are more privileged than that), good stable families, living in a good city with all kinds of opportunities, attending what are considered good schools and doing well there.Everyone agrees they're great kids. But put them in an unstructured environment and they do not know what to do. Literally. They sit around waiting for you, the Adult in Charge, to tell them what to do....more

3 Tips on Finding Time For Yourself

Put Yourself on Your To Do List

By Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore Some people sneak a peek at medicine cabinets, others might want to look inside your purse. We like to sneak peeks at To Do lists....more

Because that is the art of blogging...

I've been struggling since I've been back from the BlogHer conference. Struggling to find words, to put coherent thoughts into sentences. My rhythm has been interrupted by ...questions. ...more

Hey, anyone that has read my post knows I can't do 300 words. One rare occasions maybe 450. ...more