Top 10 Strength Training Tips for Beginners

Strength training can be intimidating for beginners. There is so much conflicting information out there – especially information geared towards women.Will lifting weights make me bulky? How many reps and sets should I be doing? I really want abs, so I  can just do a ton of crunches, right?...more

My Next Big Endeavor

I’m always trying something new.  Searching for that next big thing that may end up going somewhere.  Alas, most of the things I try end up being just my own version of a fad, and fade away after a few months.  I don’t know, maybe that’s a normal thing, but it’s always bothered me about myself.  I’m interested in so many things, though, and not everything is meant to be....more

Fierce Integrated Training: Local Personal Trainer on Mission to Help Others Reach Supreme Fitness Goals

 Charity Goertz has always had a passion to help people succeed in achieving their fitness goals. It all started when Goertz first became interested in working out in her early twenties.“At that time in my life I wanted to be in shape and look better,” said Goertz....more

How to Choose a Personal Trainer

I have received several requests to do a post on how to choose a personal trainer. I started this post several weeks ago and finally I am getting around to finishing and posting it! Ah…yes life as a working mom. ...more
@carrie and @christine so happy to hear you're both having great experiences with your trainers! ...more

Off The Fence & Into The Gym

By Guest Blogger David Snively I’ve been training clients for more than 25 years now, mostly women, and I’ve heard my fair share of workout goals from the opposite sex.  For the most part, they are body part related– the eternal quest for thinner thighs, flatter stomachs, and more toned arms, and that has continued till this day.  I have learned to listen to their requests, sympathize with body image discontent, and do my best to deliver results.   I combine my own agenda as a trainer with 25 years of experience and constant learning, &nbs...more

Why the Fitness Industry Isn't in Love with the Biggest Loser

I own a Pilates studio which is located within a high-end health club.  All of the trainers and managers have gone through rigorous certifications, quite a few of us have degrees in our industry.  We take training seriously ... ...more

Getting Fit On A Slim Budget

Did you make a News Years Resolution to get fit, lose weight, start going to the gym? You wouldn't be alone. And, how many of you signed up to a gym, or hired a personal trainer, but are no longer putting in the hours? ...more

5 gym rules to live by

Stressed? Short on time? Need to exercise? Follow these rules to get the most effective workout in the least amount of time. ...more