The Tree I Be

Later this month I have a retreat with a group of ladies who serve on a board with me. We’re supposed to take a personality quiz beforehand and bring the results with us.I love these things. I don’t know why. I take them and then read over the results and think “yup, that about sums it up,” and then I wonder if other results might also sound exactly like me, depending upon my mood, and if I’ve skewed the test by just answering stuff the way I want to be rather than the way I am. Then I forget what I was doing and go do something else. Eventually I forget what the results were altogether.Never mind using these test results to make me a better person. I can never remember if I’m an ENTP, or Vermillion/Periwinkle, or an aspen versus a douglas fir, Yoda or Princes Leah, or what any of it means.I do know I’m a Virgo, but I think I’m supposed to be a Leo who was too lazy to be born on time. Leo’s horoscopes are always the most interesting. Virgo is supposed to be systematically checking stuff off her list, earthy and patient.Oh yeah. That Virgo thing. That's totally me. Except when it isn't. Which is always....more

Why Personality Tests Say Nothing About You

Have you ever taken one of those personality tests? Pretty certain I’ve taken nearly all of them during my career. One told me I was a sea otter, another a shepherd, another a maximizer and yet another said I was an introverted perfectionist.I’ve been thinking a lot about personality lately as I try to figure out what it is I want to do with the rest of my life, professionally speaking....more

Screw You, Myers-Briggs

I’m a postdoctoral research fellow, which is a euphemism for someone who has gone to college for at least ten years but whom the world feels is still not ready to be a fully productive member of society. In fact, I was told on the first day of my postdoc assignment that having only a PhD while working in a medical school is downright embarrassing, and I would need to enroll in new classes right away that would help me grow extra gadget arms and be less useless. ...more
ENFP here!   I love your post! Reminded me how proud I was to have "the same personality" as ...more

What Color Is Your Brain?

 I recently read and reviewed a book by Sheila N. Glazov. Her book "What Color Is Your Brain?" helps readers understand their brain type and personality type. I took her quick and easy test at the front of the book and discovered I am a yellow brain. I guess that's good to know. But what exactly does that mean?...more

An Open Letter to Big Employers in this Crap Economy

Dear Large Company and/or Corporate Giant,...more