How I Discovered My Superpower at the Oklahoma County Election Board

Today I tapped incredible personal power and I’m still feeling a rush of good feelings from the experience. Here are the personal power principles (PPPs) I discovered within one hour at the election board: ...more

Take Off Your Corporate Mask – Step Into Your Power

  This month while I’ve been giving my eSeminar to the amazing and brave people intent on developing their own Authentic Leadership Style, I’ve been exploring deep and powerful dimensions of authenticity and sharing them on the blog. One of the elephants in the room when we talk about authenticity is emotional discomfort and even fear. We assume that being authentic – and taking off our “corporate mask” – to allow our authentic self to shine at the office means revealing weaknesses about ourselves that can undermine our career and success....more

When to say when and move on from family that brings you down

When I was a kid, my sister and I fought incessantly. I loved her and could never figure out why she did not like me. We were and still are very different people.  I was unfortunatey the favorite, and I really think having favorties is not fair. I was outgoing and full of life, and she was the one who blended into the background. She watched. I jumped in the pool even if there was not water in it (so to speak). My mother told me she would pick fights with me and try to get me in trouble. She would push until I physically hit her as I had enough. Of course, I got in trouble!...more
I'm really interested in getting more information regarding your sibling rivalry story. I work ...more

Presence: You Can’t Fake It (Book Review)

When someone you have worked with, known as a friend, colleague and thought leader writes a book – you buy the book and read it. And then you tell the world about it. That’s what I’m doing with Kristi Hedges and her new book, The Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential To Influence And Engage Others. My advice to you is to go out and buy it and read it! That’s also why we’re cohosting a webinar, to help you beef up your own presence and get it working for you in your career.Any successful businessperson needs to have a noticeable presence, but women in particular benefit from developing this skill. There’s lots of research that points to the fact that when women stick their nose to the grindstone, get stuff done but don’t ensure others know about their success, their careers suffer. Many of us worry about bragging. What I love about Kristi’s new book is that she provides lots of advice on how to develop an executive presence that helps you gain credibility and influence people in a very authentic way.How To Establish Presence Without Bragging...more

Empowerment Is Bunk - InPowerment Tips

How many years of Women's Empowerment and Employee Empowerment have we lived through? How many of us have opted out in the brain drain, tired of waiting to be really empowered and seeking something more - autonomous?This question captivated me when I started InPower Coaching last year. In my experience and the experience of the powerful leaders I know and work with, success is not derived from the external power we're given, but from the power we bring out of ourselves to amplify it into real world results.Imagine my excitement when I found this video by Daniel Pink, author of Drive (and other amazing books that will blow your mind if you haven't read them), distinguishing empowerment from autonomy....more

The Antidote for Toxic Corporate Culture

In a recent leadership development workshop I ran, one woman bravely spoke her truth about the reality of the toxic corporate culture they all worked in. It was dysfunctional. Managers were petty and their pettiness was only overshadowed by the pettiness of the leaders above them. All these great ideas we were generating in the training - all this great energy – how could they keep it alive when everyone went back to their regularly scheduled work life the next day? ...more
Thanks Dana! You are so right - integrity can be a leading piece of impacting change in any ...more

Don't "Do" Leadership

New Study: #1 reason for leaders’ failure today, inability to build team relationships.Old Problem: Weak leaders think they lead by doing stuff....more

Take Back Your Power – Watch Your Language (Part II)

This is the fourth post in the Take Back Your Power series of posts....more

Real Success: Expanding the Power of One

Photo credit: MikeTheissWanting to be successful seems to roll off the tongues of so many so easily these days that it's practically the cliche mantra of our society.  There are books abound and 'gurus' telling you that you too can be a success.  What does all this really mean?  We have lost sight of what the real focus needs to be in order to be successful.  Instead of chasing rainbows, you can focus on the success that is in the here and now and embrace success today simply by changing your point-of-view.First we have to define what success is to you today. Is it having lots of money and things, or being at the top of your profession, being the best parent you can be, or traveling the world and having freedom? What you deem to be the epitome of success can vary greatly from the next person.  What really matters is how far this image of success is from the reality you are living in this very moment.  Bridging the gap between today and tomorrow's seeming 'successfulness' is just a few simple steps at a time, each day.  By shifting focus, you can be successful now and grow from that. Each of you has a talent or something that you are truly good at doing that brings positivity to your life and the lives of others, no matter how major or minor you might judge it to be.  Your focus can be on taking those things and expanding them into greater and greater areas of your life.  Essentially making the smaller things bigger or the bigger things even bigger.  It's about expanding what you have and sharing it further instead of wishing you had something and continuing to exclude what you do have by choosing not to acknowledge it as valid. Effecting just one person with what you personally bring to life is a successful thing.  The realization of this is key to living success right now.  Whether or not you have seen films like Pay It Forward you probably already realize what one action can do for someone else and the domino effect of "one" effecting many.  The concept of "paying it forward" means that you do something that makes a difference because something was done for you at some point in your life, but you do what you can personally do.  Don't yet focus about going beyond what you are currently able to do. Harnessing your personal talents and abilities, you do whatever it is that you can do that someone else needs. This is where the expansion of your success begins- with the power of one and with focus on the "now".  By beginning at the beginning (in the present moment) you can harness more power with what you already have instead of grasping for what has not yet arrived.  There is no need to spend money that you don't have on someone else, run up credit cards to have things you cannot afford, use up all your time to do for others so that you look good, or constantly be on the go so that you feel busy and can tell others that you are always so busy.  Starting at this point is about starting to live in truth.  Focusing on these things will give you the real power it takes to harness the success you already have and expand it further to attract even more.  These types of positive things are contagious and good things spread further if we allow them to. You already are successful in your own abilities and with your own personal power.  Utilizing your own personal power of one is something that cannot be taken from you and can be shared infinitely with others. Enjoy your success starting now!...more

Meeting Me Where I Am: A Month-long Journey

Anyone else feeling the call to take a leap, head-first into this personal shift arena?  I sure a very big way.  And true to form, I have no idea where it will take me, but I'm committed to beginning exactly where I am today, in the here and now. As a "seeker," I've been on this path of reclaiming my personal power in its entirity, for a long time.  Some periods have been extremely intense, and I often wondered if I would survive it, and for that matter, if I even wanted to.  And without fail, on the other side of every experience, I've been met with...more