Rural Peruvian women spur local dairy industry

Cross-posted from UN Women With support from UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality, an association of rural indigenous women cheese and yogurt producers is growing, boosting incomes and economic independence. ...more

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Buildings

Cathedral in Cusco, Peru...more


Located directly outside of the Museo Nacional de Arqueológia, Antropológia e Historia del Perú on the Plaza Bolivar, there is a carving of a woman’s face.  This lovely tree carving is still rooted to the ground.  It was by chance that we found it on our visit to the Museo.    ...more

Hiking the Inca Trail, Day 2: Nobody Messes with Dead Woman's Pass

After a successful first day hiking the Inca Trail, Day 2 loomed ahead as menacing as the name of the high elevation pass we would hike up to for most of the day: Dead Woman’s Pass....more

The Olympics When Your National Team Sucks

Up until that point, I had never encountered pride and loyalty in such real, palpable form. Their team's victory transformed everyone in that bar, without displacing anything at all. I have never felt more envious than I did then, looking around me at all the people who had followed their team through the ups and downs to see them take down their rival. There was laughing and hugging and kissing like these fans were survivors of an impossible struggle who'd come out triumphant. I suppose that in a sense, they were. ...more
If you ever want a unique fan experience. I suggest Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. The ...more

On Pregnancy

So why am I starting a new blog apart from my wordpress blog?  Well blogher has many good reviews and I'd also like to separate my nutrition writings from a new project going on in my life - speaking about pregnancy, infanthood, toddlerhood and then childhood!  ...more

Tamper Resistant

I got up early today.  Fed the animals.  Ate breakfast..  I walked over to the calendar, knowing I shouldn't.  I couldn't help it.  I had to.  It's like the days and weeks had some crazy gravitational pull.  I held onto the kitchen table, but in the end, the calendar won.  I counted the days.  Twenty seven.  I collapsed onto a kitchen chair.  Pressed a cloth handkerchief to my nose.  Lately I've made sure there's one in every room.  ...more

Please, tell me one thing. Does this make you cry when you read it? 'Cause it does me. Every ...more

traffic-lovers and other Peruvian mysteries

Most strangeness in Lima is connected with some larger, interconnected phenomenon of strange. These little buggers don't seem to be:Why do all salespeople put your change on a little tray instead of in your hand?...more

One of the worst things about group travel, too many shopping expeditions: The Peru Diaries, Part V

  This trip saved the best for last: Machu Picchu and then the magical town of Cusco. This is by far the most beautiful town I have seen in Latin America....more

Machu Picchu exceeded even my high expectations: The Peru Diaries, Part IV

  Finally we got to Machu Picchu and it exceeded even my high expectations—more beautiful, more awe-inspiring than I expected and certainly the most beautifu...more