5 Aquarium Fish That Are Great For Children

Kids lоvе реt fish, аnd they make fоr great exploration and lеаrning. Thеу come in аll sizes, соlоrѕ, аnd shapes, which саn really ѕраrk оnе'ѕ imаginаtiоn. It mау ѕоund a bit ѕtrаngе, but I likе bеing in a rооm with a nice fish tаnk, аѕ it rеаllу ѕооthеѕ thе ѕеnѕеѕ. The triсkling wаtеr оf thе wаtеr рumр iѕ аlѕо ԛuitе саlming tоо!...more

6 Hot Tips For Better Pet Safety

Do you have a pet at home? What measures have you implemented so as to safeguard your pet? Do you opt on home remedies for dog's itchy skin and other unwanted harm or illness?...more

The Charming Life of a Home School Dog

 The Charming Life of a Home School Dog ...more

Sharing a nap with Fido

When our cat was alive, she used to sleep in bed with us at night. I could count on her to nudge me in the middle of the night if I was snoring, crawl up next to me when she was having a bad dream and gently paw at me when she wanted me to wake up and feed her....more

Love for Marketing and Dogs Breeds Pet Fashion Company

Owning a dog is more fun than ever, now that there are more options to pamper your favorite furry friend. Pet owners will spend over $60 billion on care, services and toys by the end of 2015. This figure is up 25 percent from five years ago. Wagdrobe, which was conceptualized a year ago, is a fashion company fulfilling an unmet need in this space. The company curates apparel and accessories customized for your pet....more

When Your Dog Awkwardly Kills Your Other Pet

No better way to ruin a tea party than to have your pet casually murder your other pet. ...more

We Fell in Love Online

I know plenty of people who have successfully found love through online dating. I even know some folks who have grown their families by starting the adoption process or the search for a sperm donor online. It never occurred to me that we would fall in love online, but we did....more

Our best friend, Dexter.

Oh Tenderfoot, do I have a story for you. Put your head back on your pillow, rest your eyes, and I’ll tell you a story about the most magical of loves. I was upstairs and in bed, not yet asleep but well on my way, when I heard a click-clack tapping coming from the kitchen just down the stairs. I looked to Tim with eyebrows raised and shrugged, “Well who could that be?” I asked. “It must be Dexter,” he answered. Of course it must be Dexter....more

Puppy Scams lure in Pet Lovers

Wow, a dog that normally sells for at least a thousand bucks is being given away for free, and it’s young and healthy. Hmmm. The ad is on Facebook, too. Double hmmm....more