My Dog Almost Died From a Bee Sting

Besides our two kids, I am also a mommy to a little poodle mix named Sushi.  We got him from the local animal shelter a few years ago.  I learned last week that dogs can be deathly allergic to bees.  Here's the story:...more
@auflag Yikes!  That must have been one scary experience.  I'm glad Macy is okay now.  Dogs have ...more

Exposing Infants to Pets May Reduce Allergies

Allergies to pets are often cited as the reason that pets are returned to shelters or prohibited from the home in the first place. Though people develop allergic reactions to the pet's saliva or dander, other allergens such as dust, pollen, or mold will lodge in the pet's coat thereby exacerbating other allergies not specific to the pet. Despite this, 70% of American households have a dog or cat and 10 million people suffer from pet allergies. Clearly, pets are either banned or borne....more