How We Built Our Pet Business Using Social Media

You may wonder what a dog walker knows about social media. It's part of a previous life, but this background has proved very useful in our business's growth. Social media is often hailed as the most important aspect of the marketing mix. In many instances, it is considered so important that it has a strategy of its very own. Although it is an important tool and one we have used to build our business, the most important point is that you need to use it properly. ...more
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The 5 Best Ways to Care for Your Pet Friend

Pets provide us with unconditional love and trust throughout their lifetime. Our pets are solely dependent upon us for their care, upkeep and maintenance and there are things we need to understand and be aware of in order to fulfill our obligations to our pets. Here are 5 tips for pet care that include keeping your pets safe from the cold, wiping off their feet after a walk, staying away from dangerous treats, watching what your pet puts in their mouth and scheduling regular checkups for your friend....more

My DIY Front Yard Doggy Run - City Style

For those early morningsWith five dogs in the city sometimes it's not so easy to get them all walked every day... who am I kidding? I never get them allwalked every day. So when the early morning rolls around and dogs are moving - it's time to get them outside quickly. ...more
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Pet Care Over the Holidays

Nothing can prepare you for the first time you drop off your babies. They look at you with huge, sad eyes, no doubt thinking you are leaving them forever. The guilt sinks in, you stoically walk away (trying to pretend nothing is wrong), and then bawl your eyes out in the parking lot. You stop to wonder: Will they ever forgive me? Will they think I've abandoned them? Will they be safe? Yes, it's that time of year when you need to board the pets, and you are a hot mess....more
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Swim, Charlie! Swim!

Charlie, a fine turtle by all accounts, doesn’t know how much longer he can keep swimming. It’s been two days, and relief is nowhere in sight.Charlie has been left in the care of my mother, who agreed to feed him while the Schmidts are away. In a fit of eager conscientiousness, she filled his tank to the rim. Since then Charlie has been swimming for his life, and for all that he holds dear.Charlie hadn’t wanted to go away with the Schmidts, but an invite would have been nice. Especially in hindsight, knowing the ordeal he would have been spared....more

Charlie: The Conclusion

Day two has bled into day three. Charlie continues to swim.Charlie has been left in the care of my blonde and buxom mother, who, in a fit of misguided generosity, filled his tank to the rim....more

Fish Killer

I am fairly sure we are going to kill a fish this summer.  The kids and I were tasked with keeping Isaac's class fish over the summer.  When the teacher asked if we could my response was, "Does the same fish have to come back at the end of the summer?"Continue reading on Long Days, Short Years...more

Bobie, My Pet Dog is Snorning at Night!?

Oh, my pet dog Bobie starts to snore at night! Ok, here is the story. Bobie is my pet dog. He is Pomeranian. He is now 6 years old. And we have been friend for almost one year. This winter is a little bit cold here. I decided to get a new bed for Bobie because his bed looked cold and not neat. My friend Leon suggested that I should get one new bed for him, and there are so many dog beds online available at wholesale price. I searched the Internet, and found a lot of websites do sell beautiful dog beds. After comparing the price and the service, I chose one on

Estate Planning for Your Pet

Aging adults have pets for companionship. Having a pet carries responsibility too. It’s important that you plan for their care should you fall ill or pass away. The pet may feel like family to you but don’t assume family members will feel the same as you do about Spot.  Have a plan in place for Spot so that the family does not have the added burden of making plans for the care of him.1. Get all the pet’s information together for easy access. This would include health issues, the vet’s information, a list of special care the pet requires, and specifics on their routine....more

Animal Communication Can Knock My Socks Off

I have been pondering animal communication a lot lately.  That probably doesn’t seem very strange, since I’m an animal communicator.  But I’ve been thinking about the one thing that amazes me–totally amazes me–about animal communication. Let me start off by telling you what I'm not amazed by.  I am not amazed that: ...more