Pudge: A 17-lb. Heavyweight

Sadie was one-and-a-half when we adopted her from a local pet rescue. At the time, she weighed the exact same as our well-fed cat; a solid twelve pounds....more

Psycho Kitty

I got one of those collars with a bell on it for my cat recently because sometimes she disappears in a room for days without even so much as a whimper. So now all we hear is that constant *jingle, jingle, jingle* every time she trickles past, accompanied by the most horrifying meow you could ever imagine. ...more

Release That Inner "Arteest" In Your Pet

Before Baylie came onto the scene, my house was decorated in the style in which I prefer.  It wasn't long before I noticed the differences in our taste of decor.  I like everything neat and tidy.  Baylie likes that lived-in look....more