5 Facebook Status Updates That Need to Stop

We all complain about Facebook – from privacy issues to the new reaction buttons to strange-acting news feeds. But there are a few other things I see all the time on Facebook that bother me even more. Image: Karlas Dambrans via Flickr via Creative Commons license Chain Letters ...more
You can spend hours and hours going through your daily Facebook feed if you aren't careful. Weed ...more

15 Kids' Birthday Party Beefs

 As we all know, parenthood is a crazy busy process no matter what your situation, so we all have probably been guilty of one of these birthday party beefs below (hopefully because we made a mistake or forgot), but it’s still aggravating when you or your child experiences any of the following.  When riding the birthday party waves, avoid the rip tides and stay with the calmer currents.  Check out my list below…...more

One Pet Peeve That Truly Honks. Me. Off.

I have pet peeve after pet peeve that are minor annoyances, but THIS. This pet peeve really chaps my butt.Picture this. You’re in traffic. There’s a dude wanting to get into your lane from the next lane over. His blinker has been on for a while, but none of the cars in front of you will slow down enough to let him in....more

5 Things That Just Tick Me Off

I know I should be writing about more substantial things in life; the things that affect our families, our relationships, and our livelihoods. But, every once in a while, I feel the need to rant and to release some of that nasty, petty stuff that's just begging to get said....more

We Got Married to Drive Each Other Crazy

We Got Married to Drive Each Other CrazyOriginally posted on http://www.myhousefullofboys.com/we-got-married-to-drive-each-other-crazy/ Please tell me that you and your spouse have these constant battles?? (and yes, I am the offender on several of these)...more

How to Irritate Me in Five Easy Steps

I’ll be the first to admit: I’m a pain in the ass.I really do think I’m very generally laid back and pleasant, but let’s just say I’m easily irritated (to put it mildly).  There’s an endless list of things that make me tick, piss me off, or just downright send me into a blind rage.If you’re interested in irritating me (NOT A SMART MOVE) then here are some things you can do:...more

Social Media & Pet Peeves

 I was sitting here this morning at a loss at what I wanted to write about today so I decided I would take a non think break and just scroll through Facebook. After about 5 minutes...I was seriously annoyed...and now I will explain to you why... ...more

Pet Peeves: 21 Things That Get On My Nerves

A little while back I wrote about 221 Things That Make Me Happy. (Hey, if you missed that post the first time, check it out - lots of feel-good stuff there!). Since I had so much fun compiling my happy list, I decided to do it again... ...more

My Pet Peeve's!

A little something about me..   ...more

You're Doing it Wrong

Hey guys it's Monday. You hate everything. I hate everything. We've accepted that Mondays are just universally hated because it's the day that says "hey, I'm here and now you can't take any naps and you forgot that report that your boss wanted 20 minutes ago."  Monday just does it wrong every week so this week I'm calling it out on its bullshit and going back to my roots in a short series called "You're Doing it Wrong."...more