In memory of pets that are no longer with us or missing.

I remember watching a scene from a movie where a girl was so sad and depressed because her kitten had died. And I kept thinking what a big deal she was making out of the whole situation, like it's only a cat for goodness sake....more

Dahling... I'm ready for my close-up

I am admittedly one of those people that dress their dogs up and take pictures.  If they were "humans", I would totally show these pictures later in life to their prom date or future spouse.  So, it comes as no surprise that I also take them to have their picture with Santa and the Easter bunny.  And that was how I met my friend, Sharon Hardy of Sweet Potato Pet Photography....more

Good Morning!

Good morning my dear friends! It is Monday, 6:05 AM but I was actually up a 4:45 this morning....more

Do You Hear God Singing?

We lost Hope. Remember Hope our stealth kitty?  She was a couple of months old when Daughter Darling, nine months pregnant with Baby Darling, clutched Hope to her chest and  watched on television as Barack Obama, the first black man ever to win the Presidential nomination, was elected as President of the United States. Hope had her shots like the other animals, and waited her 120 day quarantine before going to Hawaii with us....more

Saving Booger Hole

In college I knew this guy named Francis.  Sometimes I called him the Gentle Giant but that all stopped the day I found out he was gonna feed a cute little mouse to a mean old tarantula.             “No how, no way,” I said.  “Not on my watch.”      I'm not sure why Frank got a tarantula.  It's not like you can cuddle one or anything.  Frank named it Legs, 'cause he liked ZZ Top.    The mouse was a BOGO item--buy...more

Fast Dogs--Part III

It was 11:39 a.m....more

How is that possible. Except for the end and stuff. But worse???? Gah!

BlogHer ...more

The only Rabbit you should buy for Easter is an Edible Chocolate One

We are a family who has House Rabbits.  I'll give you a moment to compose yourself as you laugh and wipe away tears.  Yes. House Rabbits. Free Roam, litter trained, spayed and neutered House Rabbits. Kind of like Cats, with longer ears and the whole vegetarian vibe going for them....more

Bobie, My Pet Dog is Snorning at Night!?

Oh, my pet dog Bobie starts to snore at night! Ok, here is the story. Bobie is my pet dog. He is Pomeranian. He is now 6 years old. And we have been friend for almost one year. This winter is a little bit cold here. I decided to get a new bed for Bobie because his bed looked cold and not neat. My friend Leon suggested that I should get one new bed for him, and there are so many dog beds online available at wholesale price. I searched the Internet, and found a lot of websites do sell beautiful dog beds. After comparing the price and the service, I chose one on

How to Care for Your Older Cat

Peaches and Peonies by B.E. Kazmarski...more