Bobie, My Pet Dog is Snorning at Night!?

Oh, my pet dog Bobie starts to snore at night! Ok, here is the story. Bobie is my pet dog. He is Pomeranian. He is now 6 years old. And we have been friend for almost one year. This winter is a little bit cold here. I decided to get a new bed for Bobie because his bed looked cold and not neat. My friend Leon suggested that I should get one new bed for him, and there are so many dog beds online available at wholesale price. I searched the Internet, and found a lot of websites do sell beautiful dog beds. After comparing the price and the service, I chose one on

How to Care for Your Older Cat

Peaches and Peonies by B.E. Kazmarski...more

How to Read a Pet Food Label

I’ve written a lot about nutrition lately, and about what foods I recommend.  The progression from most desirable to least desirable, and this goes for cats as well as dogs, is raw food, grain-free canned food, any canned food, and grain-free dry food.  I do not recommend dry food ...more

The Truth About Dry Cat Food

Grocery and pet store shelves abound with a dizzying array of cat food.   For decades, dry kibble has been the preferred choice for most cat owners.  After all, the bags say it’s “complete and balanced,” it’s easy to feed, and most cats seem to like it.  Unfortunately, ...more

Adventures in Veterinary Medicine - Beast

I worked in various veterinary clinics for over twelve years, and during those years, I met some pretty amazing cats and dogs.  The memories of some of these animals, as well as the lessons they taught, have stuck with me over the years, and I thought it was...more

Meditating with Your Cat

Guest post by Stacia D. Kelly, PhD, MHt...more

Amber's Story


Holiday Gifts for Car-Loving Pets

Well, folks, here is the last in our series of automotive-themed holiday guides! Looking for a special gift for the car-crazed pet lover in your life? Are YOU the car-crazed pet lover looking for something for your traveling animal? Will you be traveling during the holidays with your pet? Then we're sure we've got something in here for you. We were given guidance the Pet Safety Lady by Christina Selter; her website is full of great safety and travel tips for those of us who take our pets along for the ride....more

Molly travels with me in a doggie car seat that is seat-belted in the rear seat.  It ...more

Picking up hitchikers

It's not as if we needed another pet. We already have cats and a pond full of fish, the occasional insect pavilion (ladybugs to hatch, caterpillars to metamorphize, whatever the kids catch and bring in for temporary housing). But when a little fuzzball of a kitten found us on our first rest stop some 200 miles from home, how could we just leave it behind? (Read more...) ...more