Aviation Travel Writer "The Flight Times" Cabin Air Quality Bill

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Please read & sign this petition that I have provided in the following link.  We need all the signatures we can get to show the  judge how rediculous this excuse is for him to be releasedhttp://www.ipetitions.com/petition/deny-to-vacate-life-sentence/Thanking you in advance! Tracie (wife of victim) ...more


Hi there my name is Eve and I was a victim of domestic violence and abuse for 21 years. On the 1st November 2010 I escaped with my two girls and have worked hard on becoming a survivor. I have gone on to found #OneVoice Never Silenced, a pool of resources for all abuse and we are heading a nationwide campaign to protect our victims of dv. A victims safe/flee address should always be protected!I hope you will sign and support our petition.http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/helen-grant-mp-david-cameron-nick-......more

To the Bat Cave or How To Start Your Own Crusade

The Bat-Signal as seen at the end of Batman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)<...more

Family's Trademark of "Urban Homesteading" Sparks Debate

This week, a Pasadena, Calif. family sparked passionate debate within the food, gardening and farming communities when they asserted their right to the trademarked terms "Urban Homestead®" and "Urban Homesteading®." Urban farmers, supporters of the movement, food writers and others have loudly protested what they assert is a step across the line when it comes to protection of intellectual property and free expression. ...more

Urban Homesteading trademark was registered in Supplemental Register. It means that it is merely ...more

Mordecai Richler: Beyond words

By Ashliegh Gehl It was a mandatory read in secondary school. Great literature, the educator called it, passing out used books with creased covers and dog-eared pages. Some books were graffitied with the names of previous borrowers, others were marked with profanity. ...more

A Change in Circumstance: Modification of a Child Support Order

Crazy Days Sometimes my very spirited, stubborn, minds-of-their-own Darling Boys drive me crazy. Absolutely crazy....more

Why Dairy Farmers Are Important and Why they need our help Now!

As a mom of two kids I’m worried about dairy farmers for many reasons. I want safe, fresh, local milk and I won’t get that if the U.S. loses the predicted 20,000 dairy farmers over the next few months. I grew up in a rural area. I know how important farmers are to small communities life—how they actively support the local economy  and how they make good neighbors. Not to mention being a great weekend destination with my kids to pick strawberries or pet the cows. ...more