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GENERALLY:When you look at that Roly poly puppy, it does not seem possible that there could be a problem with worms. After all, the mother of the puppy seems a very healthy. The fact is pregnancy and childbirth can cause a dog to develop worms that lay dormant in their system as confirmed by many veterinarians. These worms can be transmitted to the puppies, because of this routine deworming of puppies are often recommended by veterinarians....more

Are Rescue Shelters Too Picky These Days?

I want to start this post by introducing myself, since its my first one here. I am Nicole. I am a 28-year-old, recently married, sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Or, at least, the doctors are treating me for. Basically, I've had an enigma of a cyst on the back of my knee for the past six years or so. It's made life a challenge for me.I am the mother of a eight-year-old yellow lab, Miranda, who I rescued when she was three. The organization that adopted to her to me was completely unsure of her background, but I quickly found out that she pretty aggressive on a leash....more

Five great ways to charm your loved ones and benefit animals in need this Valentine’s Day

Can there be anything better than being able to show your affection for a significant other, family member or friend on Valentine’s Day and help save lives? Meet five company’s working hard to make a difference for animals in need.Kona Benellie
HI. I'm Jess, founder of Kona Benellie. I just want to THANK YOU for mentioning us in this blog. ...more

Ballard Designs Knockoff | Pet Food Tin

Hey y’all!I’m a little late today, but better late than never, right?...more

It's Just a Dog...

“It’s just a dog,” my colleague said to me eleven years ago as I lamented about how my new puppy was home in her crate more than I wanted. “It’s not like it’s a baby. It will be fine.”She was the first, but certainly not the last person to say those words to me over the past decade. She was right. She was just a dog.Because she is just a dog, she always forgave me when I was running late, when I couldn’t spend as much time together because I had three small babies, when we moved her from the only house she knew....more
Karen Goodman It was much harder than I even imagined. Thanks so much for the kind words!more

The Importance of Pets in Our Child's Life

Making the decision to bring a pet into your family isn’t always easy. There are many things to consider such as the type of pet, cost, housing, etc.  You may be hoping to teach your child responsibility. All of those things are important. But adding a pet into your home can provide priceless experiences you may have not considered before....more

Letter To My Aging Dog

Dear Precious Mercedez:...more

Organic Vegetable Beef Chowlicious ~ Your Dog's Favorite New Homemade Dog Food

When the doggie dinner bell rings around our house, my dogs don’t come running…. because they are already in the kitchen, not so patiently waiting by their bowls! Half an hour before their scheduled mealtime, Bubba and Daisy start talking to me; whispering sweet, not-so-gentle reminders that the golden hour of scarfing is but a few moments away....more

Live Like A Dog

You know that friend of yours, the one whose enthusiasm seems to know no bounds?  The one who always seems to be happy?  The one who never fails to answer with a big, fat "YES!" when you suggest going somewhere or doing something, doing anything?  That's our dog, Ike....more