CVS to Stop Selling Cigarettes This Year

CVS announced this morning that it will stop selling cigarettes in its 7,600 pharmacies across America by October 1, 2014, stating that the selling of cigarettes is "inconsistent with our purpose" as a health care product store. ...more
Call me a cynic, but they have to deal with more regulations, red tape, and taxes selling ...more

Buy Local: The Olde Walkerville Pharmacy

This is a guest post from my husband, Peter James. I'm new to Windsor and love the adventure of finding stores and services that fulfill my desire to "shop locally." ...more

Drug Store Drama

Privacy isn't the only concern at the pharmacy. It's not a difficult thing to refill a prescription, or at least it shouldn't be. You call the automated voice mail refill system and pick it up when it's ready. ...more

When people are rude: do you say something?

After work tonight, Mack and I headed down to the CVS pharmacy to pick up my prescription and also some cold medicine. Yes, yet again, I’m sick. I think it gives me character. I have a thing with catching colds, especially when temperatures in Florida drop down to the 30s-40s. ...more

Is there an insurance company in the house? US healthcare cutting its own throat

This morning I phoned our pharmacy to check on a prescription for my daughter. She uses, very sparingly, a very expensive acne cream called Differin®. The last time we got it filled was in March, to the tune of a co-pay of $121.00 against a total cost of $168.99. So now you see why she uses it sparingly. ...more

Requiring an insuror's approval should be illegal. It suggests distrust of doctors, I ...more