The Jackass Whisperer

I know, I know. Giving facts to far right numbnuts doesn’t help the situation because studies have shown that people just start denying facts when push comes to shove. Nevertheless, I cannot help myself some days. Days when bullshit like this pops up on my Facebook and triggers all my buttons: ...more

Ani DiFranco Fans, Duck Dynasty, and Racial Privilege

You either laugh, smirk or roll your eyes, but it could happen. After all, a month ago, did you think one of the most beloved icons of feminist queer music folklore, Ani DiFranco, would organize a (really expensive) retreat on a plantation? Yes, a plantation -- as in the antebellum Louisiana South....more
Whew. Talk about playing ostrich, I've just extracted my head from the sand (as opposed to ...more

A Duck Call For Love

So I had this gigantic ranty post written about the whole Phil Robertson explosion…. And I woke up this morning and hated every word I wrote because I hadn’t practiced what I was calling all of us to preach, so I deleted every word. I’ve never scrapped a 1600 word, link-filled post before… And now, post-ice-storm at my Grandparents’ farm, their internet is down and so I write with my thumbs from the 3G on my iPhone because the words are burning to get out of me. So here we go. Round two....more

Phil Robertson and Your Facebook Friends

One night in college we all dressed up, left the dorms and headed downtown. One of my friend’s cousins was visiting from Miami. He’s gay. I don’t remember where all we were headed, but Boneshakers, a gay club back in the day in Athens, was one of our destinations. We had fun, and I thought, aren’t I so progressive, going to a gay club?...more

Why I Think A&E is Unfairly Punishing Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson for His Anti-Gay Remarks

[Editor's Note: BlogHer is nonpartisan, but our members have a variety of opinions. For another viewpoint on Phil Robertson's suspension, read Only-Mama's post I'm Against Homophobia, But Support Free Speech.]...more
I have thoughts about the recent "development" and A&E's changed stance.  Considering a followup ...more