Live Below the Line 2014

   Today was shopping day!   I am participating in Live Below the Line, to raise awareness of and money for extreme poverty. From April 28th- May 2nd, I am challenged to eat and drink on $1.50 a day. After much deliberation, I chose UNICEF as my charity of choice from the list of amazing charities to choose from.   List in hand, and $7.50 budget on my mind, I went to the grocery store. After snapping two bananas off my bunch of three, I came in at a whopping total of $7.42.   Here is my haul:...more

No Child Should Go Hungry!

When I was a little girl I never knew that my mother was struggling to put food on the table. I didn't know how painful that must have been for her until I found myself in a similar circumstance several years ago....more

The Giving Game: Surviving Philanthropy's Schemers Dreamers & Volunteer Vixens - Come Hell or High Heels

Excerpted from The Giving Game: Surviving Philanthropy's Schemers Dreamers & Volunteer Vixens - Come Hell or High Heels, by Merri Lee Marks.“In doing good, there’s always a lot of self-involvement.”—Trent Stamp, Charity Navigator...more
genConnect BlogHer HapaMamaGrace Thank you 4 your endorsement of my book"The Giving Game" ! ...more

Inspired by Ashton Kutcher: I Didn't Think I'd Be Saying That, Either, But I Am

I never thought I would quote Ashton Kutcher (ever!), but here goes… ...more
I was so happy to hear a current celebrity really be honest about what is really important in ...more


Fashion Stylist, Jocelyn Pizarro and Jewelry Designer, Dana Shirley of Desi Amor teamed up with G.E.M.S(Girls Education and Mentoring Services), a non – profit organization focused on “serving girls and young women who have experienced commercial sexual expl...more

The Choices You Want Them to Make

Do you want the berry or the banana yogurt?  Do you want to use the green or the pink spoon?  What would you like to wear today…blue jean shorts and a t-shirt or this sundress?  This is how a typical day at my house begins with my two year-old daughter.  Sounds easy and peaceful…right?!  Well, it took us a little while to get here....more

Shave Your Kid’s Head to Support Childhood Cancer Research

 Baldricks (Photo credit: Tulane Public Relations)...more

Social Media for Social Good in 2012

I’ve seen tremendous social media good in 2012.  Like others, this year I found myself using my blog, Twitter, Facebook, even Instagram, to give back. I now write with two organizations, The Mission List and Charitable Influence, using social media to champion social causes. Perhaps, once and for all, we’re putting the notion of someone being “just a blogger” to rest. Be the change. Blog the change. ...more
This is so true.  Technology and  social media have totally changed the way we raise awareness ...more

Blue Skies and Clean Closets

Spring is really here, well at least for those us of that live in Southern California. Besides these beautiful blue skies, this can only mean one thing...spring cleaning. The thought of going through my closet makes me cringe but I try and look at the positives, the more I get rid of, the more room I can make for new clothes....more