Giving. Its the New Getting.

(eCo)nscious Market is a self-proclaimed "For-Benefit" online commerce site based in Boulder, Colorado. They tout that their products are the finest ecologically and socially responsible products available, and the company donates a minimum of 10% of every purchase to a non-profit organizations. The even go so far as to let the buyer "hand-pick" the program that receives the donation funded by their purchase. A sampling of organizations that are listed on the eConscious Market include: ...more

And Now What?

Last night was the culmination of so much for so many in this country. Wow. Right at 8pm Pacific time the presidential election was called for Barack Obama -- who really expected that? I sat at my friend's house, surrounded by like-minded friends and family with tears just coming down my face. Incredible. My mother would have been so very happy with his election. And then she would have listened to him and said to us all -- "now what are we going to do?" Here's what I know. We didn't get into this incredibly debilating financial mess overnight and Barack Obama is not going to be able to lead us out of it overnight. We can not just wait for him to fix it all - we need to be involved in our own lives, in the lives of our communities and in the lives of our nation if we really want to restore the US to the greatness we feel we've lost. First things First ...more

With One Click You Can Save Thousands Of Malnourished Children

It’s very rare that I tout a non-profit. But listen up, people. This is serious. ...more

Thank you so much for your support Lauren. I guess your encouragement to vote for IMC worked ...more

The Blogger Neighborhood is Back with Some Perspective (from the Pipeline)

After some delay, the blogger neighborhood is back. To kick it off, let's welcome Rosetta Thurman, author of Perspectives from the Pipepile. I first began following Rosetta about a year ago. One scan through her blog's homepage, and you will say, "She. is. impressive." That's what I did. And so did Avi Kaplan, a Harvard student who emailed me to nominate Rosetta for the Blogger ...more

Funding Personal and Social Transformation: Paula Sammons, Seasons Fund

In a previous post, Spirituality, Religion and Activism: What's the Connection?, I mentioned the work of the Seasons Fund for Social Transformation. The Fund supports organizations that are using "inner work" to inform their activism.  ...more

Thanks bexband.  I've also had the more

voluntourism, looking for interviews

I am a multi-media artist residing in Kelowna, B.C. Currently who is looking for information about voluntourism. If anyone who has taken time out, to step out of his or her life and reach out a hand to others to help create a better water supply, teach, build infrastructure in a village, I would like to do a short email interview with you for an article that I am researching. You must be a resident of the United States but any type of volunteer journey is great.... to New Orleans or to New Dehli.    ...more

The Collaboration Prize: $250,000 for Nonprofits That Collaborate, Not Compete

According to's post, How Many International Nonprofits Can You Count? there are 1.4 million nonprofits in the United States. Charity Governance reports that, "For the period from October 1, 2006 through September 30, 2007 (fiscal year 2007), the IRS received 85,771 applications for recognition of Section 501(c)(3) status." That's a lot of nonprofits, many that are doing similar work and competing for funding from foundations and individual donors. To celebrate, and learn about best practices in nonprofit collaborations, the Lodestar Foundation has launched a $250,000 Collaboration Prize: ...more

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Thanks for sharing your insights about the pros and cons of nonprofits' ...more

Will You Donate Your Economic Stimulus Check?

How will you spend your economic stimulus check? FinancialAidPodcast suggests paying down your debt, putting it in a savings account, or donating to a charitable organization. They recommend giving to the United Nations World Food Program and America’s Second Harvest. ...more

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People could also give donations in ...more

Why I Liked Oprah's Big Give

The philanthropic blogosphere has been buzzing about Joshua Horwitz's Chronicle of Philanthropy piece, The Nonprofit Profession Lost Out in Oprah's Big Give. After watching the show's finale on April 21st, Horwitz wrote: ...more