The State of the Pine Trees in the Third World

Despite the political turmoil you see on CNN and other stately affairs this third world country has been through, it nonetheless, humbly upholds its charm. Primarily recognized as a tropical destination, the Philippines is famous for its 7,107 islands showcasing white sand beaches, awesome underwater reefs, flora and fauna. Only second, is it known for its mountainous region charms. Where most of its indigenous locals still thrive in the traditional ways of their ancestors, amongst huge pine trees and natural vegetation....more

Monsoon Rains Leaves Half of Metro Manila, Philippines Paralyzed

It's been raining for 2 weeks and water is just everywhere! But today, Metro Manila is just surrounded with flood water. Dams have opened their gates to release excess water. Everything's fine from where we are, no flood, but I couldn't say the same to a lot of people in the metro today. read more here...more

Sex Strike Brings End to Violence

"Their stirring love will rise up furiously, they'll beg our arms to open. That's our time! We'll disregard their knocking, beat them off -- and they will soon be rabid for a Peace. I'm sure of it." So speaks Lysistrata, the protagonist in the classic Greek play by Aristophanes, which tells the tale of women trying to resolve the Peloponnesian War by withholding sexual pleasure from their warring husbands. Though originally performed in 411 BC the play finds relevance today due to the actions of the women on Mindanao Island in the Philippines. ...more
It was also used in Liberia in the early 2000s as part of the Peace Movement, led by now Nobel ...more


Today is the 31st of May, the final day of the month…which also means this is the last day of my free Netflix trial! So many movies, so little time (as they say).This past weekend was especially effervescent, each day comely in its own way....more

A May Flower of a Day

Today was a May-flower. Late this morning it seemed like thunderstorms, but instead we got the classic puffy white clouds against dark blue skies. Oh yeah…and NO snow! After months of heavy snows, this is still a fabulous fact to note. Literature of the Holocaust requires a lot of reading (supposed to be around 6 to 8 hours a day) but I’m enjoying it. Tennis & Badminton…wellll if I were more coordinated, they’d probably be fun…unfortunately they just remind me that P.E. actually stands for “Physical Embarrassment.” At least it’s giving me 2 hours daily of exercise....more

Bubble Tea and Bigotry: Asians Bashing Other Asians

A few days ago my family and I headed down to Chinatown here in NYC for some cheap eats and bubble tea.  After stuffing ourselves at Wo Hop 15 (all to the tune of less than $30 I might add), we headed over to Quickly on Pell St for some after dinner drinks (aka bubble tea)....more


While we're still on the plane en route to Incheon, South Korea, my husband asked me the conversion rate of a dollar to peso. He frequently asked the same question because he couldn't wrap around his head onto it yet. Of course, this was his first time to go international and the first time to see a world so different from his own home....more

I lived in Angeles City for almost six years and loved it. Every minute of it.

~Denise ...more


I was supposed to post these vacation photos a week ago but was sidetracked to some more important decisions that I need to focus on. Well, our vacation is over, and my husband's gone back to the U.S. while I am here remaining in my hometown. I want to stay much longer here  than I usually do. I feel life here is more "relaxed" and "spontaneous" despite calamities and mayhem....more


It's just about 12 days before the official day of summer begins. and in  a few weeks also, we're flying to the Philippines.  As I've mentioned in my previous posts, this will be my husband's first visit to my homeland.  His heart is flipping  and jumping jacks because he'd never been to anywhere close to tropical other than a visit to Disneyworld when he was a kid. He is beyond excitement....more


In  less than two months, I'm back in my hometown. Familiar places and familiar faces to see  and meet  once again. Most of all, the thoughts of gobbling all the food I'm craving for excite me. I can finally  eat and relish as much as I want to. Our tickets were bought last month, already with assigned seats. So all we have to do is pack our luggage, board the flight and go ....more