Simple Slow Cooker Pho

Simple Slow Cooker PhoVietnamese Pho is such a tasty dish and this Simple Slow Cooker Pho makes it so easy to enjoy this tasty dish at home.  Packed with chicken, shrimp and spiced up with jalapeños and Sriracha, forget takeout … cook this dish yourself and save your money!!...more

Soup Starter Challenge - Pho Real

Stacy and I love a good challenge, but when I read about the Pacific Soup Starter challenge, I was particularly excited because this was an opportunity to brainstorm something TOTALLY unique....more
Pho real. Bwahahahahaha!more

Karen Does Pho with a Side of Puppy!

My newest soup addiction is Pho. Nikki and I have visited a number of restaurants and tried each establishments pho offering eagerly. Have you tried pho yet? It's amazing. ...more
@KarenLynnn I love knowing that you are willing to try "strange" ingredients. I know that hubby ...more

Souped-Up Pho

If you visit Seattle, one of the first things you will notice is that we have teriyaki, Thai and pho restaurants on nearly every corner. Every Seattleite has their favorite spot and they will be quick to tell you. (Ok and since you asked, my favorite teriyaki is Kiku's on 50th and the Ave in Seattle; my favorite Thai is Benjarong in Covington and my favorite pho is from Papaya in the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue.)...more
 I love Pho!  I love topping with bean sprouts and savoy cabbage.  Sriracha and lime juice are ...more