Bullycide Prevention: 3 Steps for Parents & Lessons from Groundbreaking Nonviolence Activists

The wave of shocking suicides by young adults, teens and tweens, who were allegedly being bullied and sexual harassed, have many parents, schools and communities reeling about how to stop the tide. When a rash of troubling behavior — and tragic outcomes — such as this hits, it's natural for parents, role models and youth alike to feel outraged or even powerless. ...more

Thank you for all the thoughtful comments. I know change is hard. All things worth committing to ...more

A Painful Truth About Parents and Bullying

Everyday Shakespeare http://www.everydayshakespeare.com   Here in Massachusetts we’re getting continuous media coverage of the fallout from Phoebe Prince’s suicidal response to her schoolmates’ chronic bullying. We’ve got details on the alleged perpetrators, statements by their lawyers, columnists weighing in on which adults to blame, and updates on the impending Massachusetts Anti-Bullying Legislation....more

Teens Charged in the Bullying Death of Phoebe Prince: How Do You Help Your Kids Avoid Bullies?

Almost two months after the hanging death of Phoebe Prince, who was bullied by students at her South Hadley high school, nine students have been charged with felony indictments. According to the Washington Post, ...more
It's not too late!!! My daughter who is in Middle School and very social sits in lunch right ...more