Phone parking for utilities

I am on the phone with our local gas authority....more

How long can you ignore your phone?

I'd like to issue a long-overdue apology to each of the five roommates I had in college: I'm sorry that I did not answer the phone when it was ringing. I knew that it drove you crazy, but I was absorbed in something else/didn't feel like talking to anyone, and thus, did not answer the phone.But, I understand that most people aren't wired that way: Their phone rings and they answer it. It beeps and they answer it. Even when they are on the road....more

Bitchin' Adventures in Phone Shopping

don't call me, maybe

A friend of mine wrote on her Facebook status that her ringing phone felt like an act of hostility and ignoring it was satisfying. I don’t think hostility suits what I feel, but there’s a definite reaction when my phone rings. I think confusion is closer to what I experience. YOU GUYS MY CAMERA IS RINGING.Steve will often call on his way home from something and that’s when he gets a glimpse of what I’d be like in a coma....more

When You Would Rather Text Than Talk

I am not crazy about texting. Sorry! And I have always hated talking on the phone (except when I ...more

Can You Hear Me Now?

I'd like to discuss a question that's been plaguing me for some time now, one that's gone from a mild annoyance to, well, an evil menace, and that is:Why do we still have a home phone?...more

Windows Phone 7: Can it Rise?

Is it possible that Windows Phone 7 can take a competitive slice of the smartphone market - now dominated by iPhone, Android, and Blackberry? It’s possible, but Microsoft will need to do a full court press. The first thing to consider is: are there people out there who are not fully committed to a smartphone experience?...more

Texting after bedtime could lead to ADHD/anxiety/depression in kids & teens

Does your kid have a cell phone? I like to think mine are too young, but nowadays, there's probably no such thing if you're in sales and marketing. There's an article out today about a new study that shows more than 50% of kids who text after they get in bed could have ADHD and other cognitive deficiencies (like memory issues) or mood issues (like anxiety and depression). In this particular study, the average age was 14 and the texting happened 10 minutes - 4 hours after bedtime. Plus, the average kid was woken up once during the night by a text message....more

Is Technology Making You Bad at Your Job?

Technology is a beautiful thing. One that many of us can't imagine doing our jobs without. But be careful. Sometimes, overindulgence in the latest tools might actually hinder your performance. ...more