Your on-screen purchases

You are in the store. You've been roaming the aisles for several minutes until you finally find the item that you've been looking for. So, what do you do next? Why, you take out your phone, of course. But the reason why you take out your phone depends on your gender....more

november phone theme and calendar widget tutorial

 Since the 90s are making such a huge comeback [which seem...more

Damn You Autocorrect!

 I am in the process of writing a thoroughly researched, well-organized, generally beautiful blog post about Bringing Home Kitty – Things to Consider When You Adopt a Cat. The thing about thoroughly researched blog posts, however, is that they take a fair bit of time. Time is a resource that has been less plentiful that I had expected when the day began....more

Phone parking for utilities

I am on the phone with our local gas authority....more

How long can you ignore your phone?

I'd like to issue a long-overdue apology to each of the five roommates I had in college: I'm sorry that I did not answer the phone when it was ringing. I knew that it drove you crazy, but I was absorbed in something else/didn't feel like talking to anyone, and thus, did not answer the phone.But, I understand that most people aren't wired that way: Their phone rings and they answer it. It beeps and they answer it. Even when they are on the road....more

Bitchin' Adventures in Phone Shopping

don't call me, maybe

A friend of mine wrote on her Facebook status that her ringing phone felt like an act of hostility and ignoring it was satisfying. I don’t think hostility suits what I feel, but there’s a definite reaction when my phone rings. I think confusion is closer to what I experience. YOU GUYS MY CAMERA IS RINGING.Steve will often call on his way home from something and that’s when he gets a glimpse of what I’d be like in a coma....more

When You Would Rather Text Than Talk

I am not crazy about texting. Sorry! And I have always hated talking on the phone (except when I ...more

Can You Hear Me Now?

I'd like to discuss a question that's been plaguing me for some time now, one that's gone from a mild annoyance to, well, an evil menace, and that is:Why do we still have a home phone?...more