Benefits of capinhas Galaxy S7 Eagletechz

The idea behind designing mobile cases is to provide protection to your mobile device. It is very important to choose a reliable brand for your device. The capinhas Galaxy S7 Eagletechz are the right choice for your Galaxy S7. It provides effective protection from several dangers. Obviously, a scratch on the screen may drive you crazy. A capas s7 eagletechz is the right option to save your device from airborne dust, heat of sun, liquid spills and scratches....more

Mommy, please put the phone down

In my head, I still think I do a good job of not using my smartphone in front of my son. That may or may not be reality: I have been working a lot lately, so I know he has seen me distracted by my phone. But the subject is on my mind a lot: When I am with my son, I should be fully with my son....more

Living life on default mode

When I look at my phone, I see all the apps that I use the most on my first screen. I took all those factory apps that I never use and stuck them in a folder so I could have more room, and put the apps that I have to have but rarely use on a secondary screen....more

Where is your phone right now?

When I am work, I carry my mobile phone with me from meeting to meeting. I do not want to do this, but should I get a call from my son's school, I want to be able to answer it. I try to keep it on silent, so it will not ding during meetings, and I try to remember to turn the volume back on at the end of the day in case my husband calls while I am driving home from work. (I am not always successful at remembering either of those things - sorry, Honey!)...more

This is how I lost an hour on a Sunday morning

It started with a video link on Twitter. I normally do not click on Twitter video links, but no one else was awake in my household and I already had breakfast in the oven. So I watched it. After watching the video, I texted a group of my friends and the following exchange happened:...more

Put your phone down and parent

My son is sitting on my lap as I write this post. He is watching the way my fingers move across the keyboard and he is reading the words as I type them. I try very hard to not use my phone too much in front of my son. Yes, it is very rewarding when it is my turn in a game, or I get a text message from a friend. But, he is my son, and he is much more rewarding to interact with than anything that pops up on that little screen....more

Distracted dining hurts families

When I was little we had a simple rule in our household: No eating in front of the television. We ate our meals at the tables in the kitchen or dining room. In nice weather, we ate outside on the deck....more
I think not watching TV or anything electronic is a good rule. Without them, you can appreciate ...more

Which is better, text or call?

From Barbie's Townhouse, circa 1973.I prefer texts versus phone calls. To me it’s just faster, more immediate and responsive....more
Thanks Jan!  I like the "paper" trail too.  Keeps everyone honest.  One of my carpool moms, ...more

Your on-screen purchases

You are in the store. You've been roaming the aisles for several minutes until you finally find the item that you've been looking for. So, what do you do next? Why, you take out your phone, of course. But the reason why you take out your phone depends on your gender....more