Who are they talking to?

By now, I think I have mentioned that my son is a talker enough times that I will have to apologize to him when he turns into a teenager for labeling him that way....more

TV and Tablet Time for Kids: How Much is Too Much?

     I was raised in front of a computer. It's true. Within a few days of my birth, my father placed me in front of the computer to watch him play Pong. From there, I can remember many days after school playing Sega, Nintendo, and other games. My parents never seemed concerned about too much screen time. In fact, it was a way that my family bonded....more

A call from the past...

This year I entered the land of the living and bought a phone that was smarter than me. Similar to how I use my brain and my gym membership, I use my smartphone to about 10 percent of its capacity. Maybe.I text, I check email, I "like" friends' statuses on Facebook, I monitor my blog posts, I drive by the voice of my GPS, and, occasionally, I make a phone call. Smartphones are the latest in a line of changes in communication I have seen in my short life....more

Instead of BF's second thoughts I'd rather...

Blog Directory There's a lot of things I'd rather feel than how it is when my boyfriend calls up from the other line with "this" and "that" and doubts and why he's got second thoughts and why he's leaning towards other girls, the other way, or why he's basically thinking I'm a complainer, a nag in general and why I'm beginning to be a pain. So "I'd rather..." I've thought this up more than once today....more

Distracted by Technology: Are Hands-Free Devices in SYNC with Safe Driving?

Meeting with Ford A few days after I returned from participating in the ...more

Instead of getting a specific car you could just download and use DriveSafe.ly

The app reads ...more

Phone Down; Eyes Up: Distracted Driving Statistics Update & Driver Challenge

I feel so bad for that person =(

If people really need to text so bad why not use an app like ...more

Oh Baby, I have got your number

Every time I come home from work and see the phone / internet bill on the dining room table I cringe, because I know it will be wrong. Not a few dollars wrong, I could live with that. No, it is always between twenty and forty dollars wrong, thus requiring me to contact them to rectify the bill. I swear I would rather stick pins and needles in my eyes then pick up the phone. The calls are always beyond torturous. This is what happened when I called the other day . The automated system: “Thanks for calling the Phone Company, also on the web at www.thephonecompany.com....more

Do You Recycle Your Old Cell Phones?

If you've never recycled a cell phone, you're not alone. Cell phone recycling rates are "amazingly low," according to a study from International Data Corp., which says that even a 10 percent recycling rate is considered good. As an environmentalist, I'm not convinced this is necessarily bad news. ...more

As a military Mom I would like to add to this blog that more than monetary refunds a very ...more

Master Phone Interviews

So, you’ve scored your first interview with a reporter. Woohoo! I know that feeling. It’s exhilarating the first minute; the next is filled with panic. Don’t worry. It’s time to get serious and start preparing. ...more

Not Tone Deaf, Just Phone Deaf

Today I was taking advantage of the fact that it was not raining for a few hours, and went outside to plant my window boxes in an autumn arrangement. The kids, Thing 1 and Thing 2 remained inside, mesmerized by TV and computer game, respectively. ...more