A Special Daddy~Daughter Book

Last week I wrote about what a difficult time L has been having while J is away from home. In that post I mentioned I'd been working on a project to help L deal with the separation...and it's here! It arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon and I gave it to my two loves as soon as J got home from work last night. Now I can finally share it with all of you! ...more

For me DIY means DIM

DIY. Three simple letters which mean something free-ing: do. it. yourself. I like that. I'm one of those DIY people, always have been. My mom once told me that when I was a very little girl I would always say "Let me do it myself mommy!"Just this week I translated that into DIM. No, it doesn't have anything to do with being a dim bulb or a dimwit. Rather it is Do. It. Myself. Makes whatever "it" is much more personal....more

The Value of an Engagement Photo Session

Wedding photographers are not generic — they’re very much an individual “brand” you need to know and trust — before the wedding! You can look at their samples, check out their prices, their references and contact the B.B.B.  But what will they do to get to know  you before they start shooting photos at  your wedding?...more